Psychotricks hilfreich?

    • twopair
      Dabei seit: 11.01.2008 Beiträge: 2.549
      zur zeit fehlt es mir leider etwas an disziplin und etwas motivation, warum auch immer!? ich begehe fehler obwohl ich genau weiß, dass die aktionen negative folgen für mich haben wird.

      habe mir überlegt in sichtweite zu meinem pokerarbeitsplatz ein paar blätter auszudrucken mit schlagwörtern wie "DISZIPLIN!", "GEDULD!" oder "A-GAME", diese aufzuhängen in der hoffnung zu besseem spiel ermahnt zu werden.

      meint ihr es würde mir helfen zur alten disziplin zurückzufinden? eine unterstützung ist es auf alle fälle...
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    • kirre
      Dabei seit: 10.03.2007 Beiträge: 393
      Wie siehts den mit die Psychovideos speziell zum Thema Emotionsregulation aus?
      Genau das wird doch dort behandelt.
    • twopair
      Dabei seit: 11.01.2008 Beiträge: 2.549
      danke, werde ich mir mal anschauen.
    • sNmgl
      Dabei seit: 03.09.2006 Beiträge: 1.864
      das stammt aus einem pokerblog und es fiel mir spontan ein als ich deinen beitrag gelesen habe :)

      You don’t need proof when you have instinct

      Well, the downswing continued, and for bankrollmanagement and confidence purposes I moved down to NL100 again, at least temporary. But all in all, this horrible period has made me a better player. I recognized that I still had a lot to learn despite the stakes I played, and also, that you can never take your poker winnings for granted, because you have to work on your game each and every day. That realization was worth more to me than a 1000$ profit session. Don’t think that, because you were crushing the lower stakes, you’ll have an easy break on the midstakes too and poker is easy money. It’s not.

      I wrote myself a message on a piece of paper and attached it to my computer screen. So far it’s been working, because I’m gradually recovering from the losses I had in the last weeks. It says: “You don’t need proof when you have instinct”, and is aimed at those times when I suspected that I was beat, but didn’t listen because “surely, I couldn’t have gotten outdrawn again”. It comes from Reservoir Dogs, one of my favourite movies. I think that message is going to stay there for a while, because since it’s hanging there, I’ve been gradually climbing out of the well. Superstition maybe, but I’m not taking my lucky paper away anymore! :p

      Now that I know how brutal those shorthanded downswings, spiced up with a little bit of tilt, can become, I’m going to move up to NL200 again only when I have at least 30-35 buyins. Chances are likely that I’ll receive my college tuition shortly. Then, I can reinvest in my bankroll what I had cashed out before, which is good enough to make me overrolled for NL200. I hope then to be launched permanently as a winning midstakes player, and who knows where we go from there. My ambition is to become financially indepent by playing poker by September of this year, and I hope I can make it.

      My exams went so-so, I flunked my first one pretty bad, which has never happened to me before. But seriously, it was just ridiculously difficult (especially if you never went to class during the semester :p). Other than that, I think the rest went decent, so with a little luck, I just have one re-examination. It’d be the first time in my life that I have to retake a course, but as long it’s only one, I don’t really care.

      I think I studied more for poker than for my courses in the last few weeks, because my learning:playing ratio has never been this high. I usually watch 5 or 6 video’s a week now, which is far more than in my NL400 period, and in December, I joined coaching sessions on PS for the first time. I have to admit that I had never did that before, but I wish I had because they’re really helpful. I therefore recommend everyone whose ambition is to play NL200 and above to be as prepared as possible, because there you’ll find the first real tough players.

      I resigned from my weekend-job too, just because I didn’t feel like doing it anymore. Getting up every Saturday at 5AM for the last 5 years to pile up some cases of beer, wine, etc: No thank you, I was fed up with it: it hampered my social life on Friday night, I was tired at Saturdays, and stapling beer cases isn’t exactly the most exciting activity. Though the collegues were great and the pay was good, I can make more a month by playing poker, which I like to do more than some boring storehouse job. I’m doing some PS-work now, and I like it: I became a hand judge for the new Dutch community, which is fun. So if you’re Dutch and reading this: stop by on the Dutch forum in the NL BSS Strategy section and confront me with some difficult spots ;)

      To conclude this blog, I was never a huge fan of the saying “Good luck at the tables” (some certain headadmin would disagree with me ;) ), because luck is irrelevant in the long run. After this bad period I’m even more positive that luck is irrelevant (though you would expect the contrary). Don’t wish a poker player good luck, tell him to play well.

      So: Play well at the tables, and till next time.

    • webrula
      Dabei seit: 29.01.2006 Beiträge: 3.608
      Hab zZ an meinem Monitor nur ein Schild kleben "No Slowplay" aber was du machen willst- mache ich in der Klausurenphase. Dann hänge ich mir Zettel, zB nebens Bett damit wenn morgens um 7Uhr der Wecker klingelt besser aufstehen kann. Hatte da dieses Semester "Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund" und "GOGOGOGO JACK - MAAAAAAARINES" (insider) stehen ;) - hat geholfen!!