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      Hello there,

      i would like to request a detailed explanation of how i did lose about 10000 party points in the time between 26.02.2008 (i had 44724) and 26.04.08 (i had 34517). this is when i wrote down my partypoint count and noticed the missing 10.000.

      I could not play very often in this timeframe and i read that points will be deducted after some time of inactivity, but the FAQ says that theres a maximum of 10% or 5 point (whatever is greater) being removed and im pretty unhappy about this policy and dont understand how you get to -10000 so quickly.

      thx in advance,
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      Dear xxx,

      It is nice to hear from you again.

      Your request for the 6 month self exclusion period has been forwarded to the relevant department and you will not be able to access your account shortly.

      As to the 10 000 party points missing from your account I have noticed that there had been no deductions for inactiveness. Probably you exchanged your points for cash or bought some tournament entries with these.

      If something else occurs, xxx, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you anytime.

      Kind Regards,

      Elite Customer Service
      Hab natürlich gleich zurückgeschrieben, aber was ist nun wahrscheinlicher, das morgen mein Account dicht ist oder ich eine brauchbare Antwort bekomm? :)
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    • sandman2080
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      lol ... naja die wollten dich halt davor bewahren übelst auf monkey-tilt zu gehen und deine ganze kohle auf nl1k zu verdonken wegen den 10k points die sie dir abgezogen haben.

      aber bis in 6 monaten hat sich die lage ja wieder beruhigt ;)