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Campaign for rematch button on PokerStars

  • 1 Antwort
    • Flojo1703
      Dabei seit: 26.07.2006 Beiträge: 223
      Leider immer noch nichts passiert.
      Außerdem sollte die Wartezeit reduziert werden.

      So for now, just fill out the emails below and send them to ideas@pokerstars.com, support@pokerstars.com and pokermanager@pokerstars.com

      Thanks to omgwtfnoway for drafting these up:

      Dear PokerStars,

      I play a lot of husng. Something I really enjoy about husng is that there can be a lot of complexity to the game if you have played many hands with your opponent. Unfortunately, I rarely can play more than one game with an opponent. This would not be a problem if pokerstars implemented a rematch option at the end of every husng, allowing the two players to continue to play each other.

      FullTiltPoker and UltimateBet both have this feature for their husng and it adds a lot to the experience of playing husng in their cardrooms.

      Thank you for the consideration,


      Option 2:

      Dear PokerStars,

      Please add a rematch option to the end of headsup sit and gos like the one at FullTilt. It is currently too difficult for two players to play multiple matches. Either the players have to arrange private matches - waiting more than an hour to play - or coordinate their registration for a sng and risk another player registering.