bald keine "rigged"-stimmungsmache mehr?

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      So wie ich das verstehe ist das bisher nur ein glücksspiel, aber eventuell kann man mit solchen techniken vielleicht auch mal "sichere" Zufallsgeneratoren erschaffen...

      Quelle: Nature

      Runterscrollen, ist unter drittens beschrieben. Das dazugehörige Paper krieg ich mit meinem Internetzugang grad nicht, aber ich werd mal schaun, ob ich vom uninetz drankomme. Die Beschreibung der Nature über "quantum gambling" entwickelt von Yi-Sheng Zhang:

      "Schroedinger's roulette wheel

      How can online gamblers be sure that the casino isn’t cheating? They can’t. The quantum gambling machine devised by Yi-Sheng Zhang and colleagues at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, though, could put an end to that. In their system, reported in _Europhysics Letters_ , the casino places a particle in a quantum superposition, where it is in two ‘boxes’ at once until the gambler opens one of them, ‘collapsing’ the particle into one or other box with equal probability. The gambler bets against the casino about which box the particle will be in.

      The casino subsequently sends the gambler the unselected box for checking: the quantum rules mean that if the casino tampered with the probabilities to bias the result, the gambler has a chance of finding out. If there is a hefty penalty for such cheating, the chance of the casino increasing its winnings this way is negligible.

      Zhang and colleagues have demonstrated the game using photons in superpositions of polarization states. Three detectors measure the result: two read the photon’s state, and the third checks for tampering.

      If you believe the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, does this mean that everyone's a winner?"
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