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    • SunTzu81
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      Aus meiner bisherigen Erfahrung ist Stud eine wesentlich krassere Achterbahnfahrt, als ich das bei Hold Em jemals erlebt habe. Deswegen wollte ich mal fragen, wie man es da mit dem Bankroll Management halten sollte.

      Es hat m.E. mehrere Gründe, warum die Swings bei Stud größer sind:
      - die laufenden Kosten (Ante und Bring-In) sind höher
      - man spielt mehr spekulative Hände
      - man bezahlt mehr für spekulative Hände, die sich nicht materialisieren, da es 5 statt 4 Betting Rounds gibt
      - da man nur sehr schwer Multitablen kann, gleichen sich statistische Schwankungen nicht so leicht aus

      Wie sollte man es also mit dem Bankroll Management halten, wenn man ernsthaft Stud spielt? 300 BB oder noch mehr?
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    • Macr0s
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      Quote aussem 2+2 Stud Forum
      Q. How big of a bankroll do I need to play a particular limit?

      A. The 300 big bet guideline so often quoted for hold'em is applicable for stud. This assumes that you are playing for a living (or at least that you are somewhat dependent upon poker for income) and that going broke is therefore unacceptable. If you are playing for a living, you might want to have a bit more than this. If you have a day job, and most of us do, these considerations are not nearly as important. If you're playing $.50/1.00 and lose your on-line bankroll, is it really going to be that hard to come up with another $25 or $50 to get back in action? If the thought of being out of action for a week or two until your next paycheck comes is too much for you to bear, you might seek out Gamblers Anonymous. I also think that some players unnecessarily hold themselves back by imposing unnecessarily stringent bankroll requirements on themselves. Personally, when I first moved up to $6/12 and $8/16, it was because I had a good job and a working wife, so it really wasn't that big a deal to peel off $300-400 if the need arose.