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PT3 update+patch thread

    • -=Diablo666=-
      Dabei seit: 01.03.2005 Beiträge: 3.290
      hey. ich find auf der PT homepage nix wie news o.ä.

      darum wollt ich hier mal sammeln falls neue patches oder bugfixes rauskommen.

      gibts seit dem verkaufsrelease schon IRGENDWAS?

      downloaden: http://www.pokertracker.com/products/PT3/download.php

      edit 13 Jun 2008: BETA 13 released!


      * CCPF is now a % of times facing raise


      * Import: Everest tournament fixes
      * Import: More Party import errors
      * Import: Auto Adjust now only happens when the option is selected
      * Hud: Hero stats needing session stats to be retrieved
      * Hud: Various performance improvements
      * Hud: Treat As option back in menu on table
      * Hud: Blue Screen/Reboot and some lag issues
      * Hud: PokerStars 8 seated tables are now recognized
      * Hud: Treat As now works properly again
      * Filters: Problem with 3/4 Bet Opp and Called filter including limp/folds.
      * Tournaments: Auto Fill bug with Full Tilt tournaments
      * Stat/Filter: Call PFR no longer counting raises
      * Tournament exports use the actual player name and not the aliases anymore

      edit 02 Jun 2008: NEUESTES UPDATE
      BETA VERSION 12:



      Replayer: Keyboard shortcuts
      Menu: Help -> Dump Diagnostics Info to Log


      TableTracker: Now uses same database configuration as the Hud
      Aliases: Can no longer be changed while an import is running


      Import: OnGame hands with large pots
      Import: Numerous Party problems
      Import: Adjust Qualifying Tables Limits option is more accurate now
      Import: Stealing stats
      Import: PokerStars tournament summaries
      Import: Everest limit problem
      Import: Continuation bets
      Import: Tournament type now recognized in summary imports
      Stats: Removed some invalid stats from the list
      Tournaments: Time played is now accurate
      Replayer: Tournament hands now replay properly
      Replayer: Notes can be added without problem
      Replayer: Pot odds work again
      Replayer: No longer crash at the absence of a hand history
      Hud: Lag/CPU usage improvements
      Hud: Popup stats going off screen
      Hud: Disappearing hero stats
      Hud: Focus stealing problem
      Hud: crashing issues
      Hud: Current Limit/Blind Only now works properly
      Hud: PokerStars limit 9 seated tournament tables will now be recognized as 9 max and not 10 max
      Hud: Crash when adding table average group with no stats
      Hud: iPoker tournaments
      TableTracker: Sorting of columns
      Export: Problem with tournament summaries


      edit: Build2 - der erste patch seit dem verkaufsrelease (das jeder PT3 user bereits hat vermutlich):

      [Version] 3.00 build 2
      [Release Notes]


      * Import: Full Tilt when someone says in chat "[player] wins" (requires re-import)
      * Import: Older OnGame histories (requires re-import)
      * Import: PartyGaming import issues (requires re-import)
      * Import: Everest cash hands being imported as tournament hands
      * Filter: Date filter on Session reports
      * Report: The "By Hours" information should now be correct
      * Report: Removed duplicate BB Won from the Session Hands report
      * Replayer: Fixed freezing issues


      [Link] http://www.pokertracker.com/products/PT3/download.php?file=PT-Install-v3.00.2.exe Pokertracker 3.00 Build 2

      edit2: weiterer link (kein patch!) - ist quasi ein offizieller update-newsletter


      jungs, ich hab bis dienstag nachmittag kein inet, werde dann aktualisieren!nehme an bis dann ist neuer patch draussen, der steht in demfall weiter unten im thread!
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