Ist der Flop so schlimm?

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      Dabei seit: 16.01.2005 Beiträge: 18.832
      100-200 live amazing game. i have 55 in the bb. a mediocre player limps in the hijack. a slightly worse player raises in the cutoff. i call. 3 of us.

      the flop is 762 two diamonds, i bet, hijack raises, cutoff thinks for a little bit and calls two cold, i call.

      the turn is a 9 putting two hearts up. checked to the cutoff now who bets, i checkraise.

      good or bad? if it's good what's the best way to play the rest of the hand?

      antwort von bicyclekick

      "This is sick ugly.

      Betting the flop instead of check raising is pretty retarded (so bad taht even check-folding is better, and that's pretty dumb too), and your turn line is st00000000pid. FPS big time. You're better than this, least i hnope so, cause that flop bet is a pretty fundamental mistake. "

      ist die flopbet hier so schlimm? ganze diskussion hier nachzulesen:
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