Playing the money game

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      Bin auf folgenden Artikel gestoßen und musste ua. ans Pokern denken:

      Playing the money game

      wichtig sind die letzten abschnitte, aber es ist leichter nachvollziehen als ganzes.

      "Although Trouble is mostly luck, skill plays a much bigger factor in the real life money game. If you play the money game scared, you’ll tend to do very poorly. If you’re worried about losing your pieces (i.e. your money), you’ll play the game way too tight. But if you see it as a fun game, you’ll loosen up, and you’ll feel more comfortable playing in a larger field.

      Money needn’t be a stressful or worrisome part of your life if you treat the money game as a fun growth experience. If you don’t take your financial life so seriously, you can learn to enjoy the process of shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. There’s no mandate that says you must stress yourself out about money, regardless of your current financial situation.

      Even though real life may seem more serious than a game of Trouble, you can still laugh in the face of defeat and enjoy the game regardless of circumstances.

      Play the money game for fun and growth, including the fun and growth of the other players. Don’t stress over whether you think you’re winning or losing. The more important question is: Are you growing?"
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