Indications about S.A.G.E. for a french player

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      Guten Tag,

      I will speak english (Deutsh is hard for me) and I hope someone here will answer me.
      I'm a french Pokerstrategy player and I have a question about the S.A.G.E. (Sit-n-Go Endgame System).
      In the article of Pokerstrategy about the S.A.G.E., there is a table (with the R (number of BB), when go All in at the SB, when call All in at the BB)
      In this table, the R is only 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and stop at 7..
      And this strategy indicates that this strategy is good for a R between 1 and 10.
      What is the strategy for a R: 8,9 or 10 ?
      It is the same procedure that a R=7 ?

      No one in my forum can answer to me, and someone tell me that maybe deutshs players could knew the answer.

      Thanks you very much for your answers.

      ---> The same question in french :D

      Dans l'article de Pokerstrategy sur le SAGE, (article Sit-n-Go Argent),
      il y a un tableau (page 4) qui dit quand aller et quand suivre All in suivant la force de sa main et le niveau des blinds.
      Mais en fait le tableau va jusqu'à un R de 7 (7BB), donc ma question est:

      --> Faut t-il au dessus de 7BB (donc 8, 9 et 10BB) suivre la même procédure que pour la colonne 7BB ? Ou alors il manque les colonnes 8,9 et 10BB ?

      Merci à ceux qui pourront éclaircir ce point !
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