was party da macht is ja wohl total scheise....

meine beschreibung des Problems:

Hello, when I try to Import the Tournaments hand histories from Partypoker the import window shows all available files on my emial account, but when I click the import button..it takes one second..and it looks like upgrading, but then no controll or finish window appears...and in my database are no hands.

when I log in in my email account, the email looks like they where not read. and they also not deleted, but I checked the box to delete imported hand histories.

Antwort von PT:

The reason you get this error is because Party no longer sends all of the information needed in the emailed tournament summary/hand histories anymore. They don't list all the players and who won what from the tournament and they stop sending hand histories as soon as you bust out. There is nothing PT can do about this.