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BMW M6 für 7000€

    • Topmodel57
      Dabei seit: 16.03.2007 Beiträge: 1.369
      habe vor ein paar Tagen mal nach Gebrauchtwagen von Mercedes,BMW und Audi geschaut, da ich wissen wollte wieviel die im Vergleich zum Neupreis günstiger sind. Auf autoscout24.de hatte ich 2 Mercedes gefunden, die je ca. 5k€ kosten sollen. Ein CLS320 und n SLK mit jeweils unter 20k KM.
      Daraufhin hab ich einfach mal den Verkäufer angeschrieben, warum die denn so günstig sein sollen und ich bekam diese Antwort:

      My name is Tom Bering and in first place I want to thank you for your interest in this car.I am the sales and manager at LVC leasing Company International.This car that you have interes in buyng it was a leasing contract but now is NOT anymore, the last owner was unable to pay his monthly installments to our company so our firm have take possesion of this car. Now we are selling this car at the price listed to recover the rest of the money, this is the final price of the car with no other liabilities (debts) to our firm.So all you have to pay is the listed price and nothing more.
      All I must tell you about this car witch is verifyed by an authorized mechanic that is:
      No accidents,No scratches,Real Kms,Interior in excellent condition,No smoker's car,Steering Wheel on the LEFT side,Warranty international available,All necessary documents are available,Registred in germany.

      If you want to check our other cars you can visit our web site http://picasaweb.google.com/lvc.leasing.cars

      It is in order with the papers to run in the European Union, also we will offer you at your choise 60.000 km.
      To insure a fast way of dealing between our firm and the buyer of the car we will transport the car to the buyers place any where is in Europe for free.
      If you are interested please write us back to discus !
      Thank you

      Also mehr als 5k€ muss ich nicht zahlen. Weitere Autos von dieser Firma gibts hier zu sehen unter anderem auch einen BMW M6 für 7000€

      Danach hab ich ihn halt gefragt was ich machen muss um das Auto für den preis zu bekommen:

      Our firm is located at the moment in London United Kingdom,the cars are here.All the cars that we have expose them are german cars with Steering Wheel on the LEFT side.We can arrange to transport the car at your home address, we will talk with AutoScout representants to help us in this matter and we try to find a best way to close the deal with you, we must sell this car as fast as possible.

      This cars are sold it over the internet and to avoid any problems our manager told us that the person that will buy the cars will have to pay 50% of the total amount before the cars will leave United Kingdom and the rest of 50% when the cars are in your home address.So to save our time and yours please let us know the confirmation that you have undresten corectly. So there is no way to pay the entire amount of the car when the car will be in your country.

      AutoScout Team can help us with the transport, I think that they are 100% able and authorized to make a transport in legal way and also safe! Also we will handle the transport because the taxes are not so high, so this will be free of charge for you.

      The cars are now in costody of shipping company so you can contact AutoScout by yourself and ask them how they work at customer-scout24@consultant.com
      contact them and if you are agree with theyar condition you will have to send the name and address where the car must be send and phone number where they can call you ........then they will prepar the documents on your name and will contact you with the future information.

      The AutoScout Transport company told us that you will have 5 days to inspect it and during this time you will decide to buy it or reject it.If you will reject it ,you will benefy by the Return Company Policy and the vehicule will be returned to us and you will dont have to pay the transportation .The entire deposit will be refunded to you so you have nothing to lose.

      Tom Bering
      10 Carlton House
      London, SW1Y 5AH,United Kingdom
      0044-703 1834891

      If you want to check our other cars you can visit our web site : http://picasaweb.google.com/lvc.leasing.cars
      Thank you

      Ich bin noch jung und kenn mich mit Autokäufen nicht sehr gut aus, aber das scheint mir entweder Fake oder Abzocke zu sein,oder?

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