Was soll man davon halten?Irc-log inside?

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      Folgender Dialog trug sich gerade zu.Könnt ihr mir sagen was der Typ vorhat?Klingt ja alles schön und gut.Auf der Seite seiner "Freunde" pokern?Hmm..

      Damit fings an, im public chat:

      [01:22:21] <cowerx> anyone in here plays in stars or full tilt? pvt me

      Dann query:

      [01:29:36] <FTP|Muecke> wazzup?Im playin on full tilt
      [01:30:19] <cowerx> ok
      [01:30:44] <cowerx> because i have a lot and want to invest in something
      [01:30:50] <cowerx> loosing 1500 is nothing
      [01:30:58] <cowerx> but the profit would be good in long time
      [01:31:18] <FTP|Muecke> whats your point?
      [01:31:33] <cowerx> sorry wrong window
      [01:31:34] <cowerx> :)
      [01:31:44] <cowerx> im looking for good players to sponsor them
      [01:31:51] <cowerx> i would send 3000$ or 6000$ per week if u where a good player
      [01:31:56] <cowerx> and get 50% of your winings
      [01:32:01] <cowerx> interested?
      [01:32:48] <FTP|Muecke> sounds good, but where is your prove that i`m a good player
      [01:32:54] <FTP|Muecke> and that you get what i earn?
      [01:33:08] <cowerx> well we need u to send us the more information you can
      [01:33:36] <cowerx> and play at my friends site for 2 weeks so we can see everything you do, wins, profits, rank,.....
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