...der sich zu den Problemen seit dem Server upgrade von letzten Freitag bei PP gemeldet hat?

Hier eine der Antworten, die ich erhalten habe.

"Dear Heiko,

I am sorry to know that the steps given in the previous email did not resolve the problem you are facing.

I have checked this with our technical team and request you to contact us on 00-800-7789-7537 (Toll free from Germany) so that one of our representatives will assist you in resolving the problem.

As far as the problem is concerned, it was not due to the upgrade. If it was so, we would have received complaints by other players and we would have faced the same problem too. Once you contact us, we can check this further."

Soviel dazu....der Tipp war echt klasse: Löschen aller temporären Dateien und neben PP kein weiteres Programm laufen lassen... ?(