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Schon mal so eine Mail bekommen !?

    • Roccoos
      Dabei seit: 17.05.2008 Beiträge: 93
      Hab eine Mail mit folgendem Inhalt bekommen:

      This is confirming receipt of your correspondence and assuring you that you shall be treated with the best possible service within the abilities of this office. We wish to congratulate you and formally inform you that you have won the sum of $2,500,000.00 (Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) in the last email-lottery draw, organized by Lottery Promotion.

      The said sum is now deposited in our suspense account in your favour waiting for the immediate remittance to you. Be informed that your winning prize has a hardcover insurance policy that makes it impossible to make any deduction of any kind, until the sum is finally credited into your designated account.

      This firm on behalf of Lottery Promotion will issue an Irrevocable Guarantee of Payment Bond (IGPB) in your favour, thereby securing the above prize money.

      A copy of the IGPB will be forwarded to our paying bank for immediate action. However, our client (Lottery Promotion) has been notified of this development and the status of your claim.

      Following the above, you are expected to fill the attached form and return back to this office along with a copy of your International passport or Drivers license via email attachment or by fax for vetting process which is a standard practice just to ensure that we are dealing with the rightful owner of the winning email address.

      This process is vital and urgent following the instruction from our clients that all prize money should be claimed on or before the DEADLINE on your notice.

      Once again accept our congratulations and if you require any further assistance in filling your claims form, do not hesitate to call my office.


      Name: Marc Hendrik
      Tel: 0031-
      Fax: 0031-

      Dann war da noch ein Formular dabei womit man sich Identifizieren soll, Adresse und Pass, bzw. Führerscheinkopie hinfaxen.

      Das sind doch Datensammler oder nicht!?
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