Neteller tiltet mich!

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      Eben wegen diesem Secrurity Miest am tilten:!

      Jesse: Hallo, mein Name ist Jesse. Wie kann ich Ihnen helfen?
      Jesse: I apologize I speak French or English.
      Tobias : Hi
      Tobias : My account is currently closed, because of the secrurity check.
      Jesse: How can I help?
      Tobias : I was told to send some documents.
      Tobias : Acutally there's a problem
      Tobias : I'm living at home so I'm not able to provide any phone bills or somehting like that
      Tobias : I also was told that I'm able to send a bill of my parents with their name on the paper
      Jesse: You may send the bill if it has the same family name.
      Tobias : Yeah one moment please.
      Tobias : But here's the problem. The electricity/phone or water bills are only exposed one time in the year. The last electricity bill is from july. So what can I do?
      Jesse: Would you have a bank statement?
      Tobias : No actually I'm doing only online banking, so I only have them online.
      Jesse: You may always go to your bank and have one printed.
      Tobias : This option is disabled at our bank if you use the online statement
      Jesse: I do apologize but we would require one of the documents that was discussed.
      Tobias : I undestand that, but please help me how shpuld I send you something that I'm not able to have at the moment?
      Tobias : Bills older than 3 months are not accepted, so what should i do?
      Jesse: You can also send a phone bill.
      Tobias : As I wrote above the phone an water bills are even older than the electricity bill of july
      Jesse: I am sorry but we do require this document. The other option can be a credit card statement.
      Tobias : I have no credit card so far.
      Jesse: I regret but we need the document described otherwise we will not be able to upgrade your account.
      Tobias : Isn't this kind of stupid? I'm not able to provide you any of these documents right now, because of the circumstances I told you. And you are not able to help me in any case
      Tobias : Can't you just move this secrurity check for example 2 month? Within this time a bill should show up...
      Jesse: Unfortunately no. We do require the documents that we have discussed and that are indicated on our web site.
      Tobias : That's my way to moneybookers now.
      Tobias : Bye
      Jesse: I do apologize.
      Tobias : Yeah for sure....
      Tobias : This is so stuipd. I called 3 times with neteller for a secrurity check but now I have to leave neteller because of this ****
      Jesse: Once you will be able to provide the document we will be able to upgrade.
      Tobias : Once!!!!!!
      Jesse: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
      Tobias : Yeah
      Tobias : Do you have the moneybookers site adress?!
      Jesse: I do understand the situation but we do have to follow FSA policies. At the moment we have received this we should be able to upgrade your accout.
      Jesse: account*
      Jesse: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
      Tobias : No. I will never come back! Bye forever
      Jesse: Thank you for using NETELLER Live Chat. We appreciate your business and look forward to assisting you again. Bye for now.
      Jesse hat Verbindung getrennt.

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