Amis zu SSS (was zu lachen)

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      Ich SSS, das meinen nen paar Amis zu SSS: (wurde mit TT von 77 geschlagen, er(=caw) preflop all-in)

      Dealer: Game #7038259276: caw343 wins pot ($4.55) with a full house, Sevens full of Jacks
      Mat_Sch2: tz
      caw343: that sucks
      caw343: figured you were low stacked raise a lot with like 6s er somethi
      Mat_Sch2: LOL
      Mat_Sch2: i just sat down
      caw343: sir
      caw343: you must buy in for more
      caw343: you are losing money playing that way
      Klingom: true words
      caw343: you cant play poker with 1/5 the chips of everyone else sir
      math126: if you dont buy in for more youll always be bullied; no offfense
      caw343: yep
      caw343: at least like 50 BB
      caw343: $5 would be ok
      caw343: or $6
      math126: y
      caw343: i dunno he seems like he dont wanna buy in for the max
      caw343: tryin to at least get him to buy in a lil more
      caw343: at limit it would be allright to buy in for 2 i guess but not no limit
      caw343: when you get AA and theres a raise ahead of you you dont get max profit with a $2 stack
      math126: even at limit if its real agressive the stack would not last long
      caw343: i never play limit except in horse tourneys so i dunno
      Klingom: but when u have KK and someone else reraises u allin, u are facing dilemma :)
      Klingom: yep
      Klingom: but again, if he is shortie np calling him
      Klingom: I wouldnt probably call full buyed player

      Ich fand das jedenfalls sehr amüsant :)
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