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      PartyPlanner vereinfacht zusammen mit der PP Beta Software das Tischmanagement um einiges. Es ist kostenlos. Folgende Features stecken drin:

      Using this tool, you can configure how poker tables will be automatically laid out on your computer's desktop. This handy table-management tool for Party Poker and skins is free and will remain free.

      Party Planner does two basic things:

      1. Position and re-size your poker tables based on a layout you choose.

      2. Give you handy controls to automatically show/hide tables and lobbies.

      3. Controls Party's Lobby to stay locked up or minimized if you want to keep it from slipping on and off of the screen.

      4. Opens tables to the positions and sizes you design in the order that you specify.

      5. Detects 'holes' in your layout that come from when you leave a table - and automatically fills those gaps with any subsequent tables that you open afterwards.

      6. Allows you to swap 2 tables' positions with one another just by dragging one on top of the other - resulting in pixel perfect shifting and automatic resizing of each table if the tables were of differing sizes!!

      7. Saves / Loads multiple configuration layouts.

      8. Doesn't look like ass!

      9. Free, free, free.

      Weitere Infos und Download:

      Download PP Beta:

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