Was haltet ihr davon?

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      Lese mir im Moment so ein paar Stories auf diversen Pokerforen durch, hier mal eine:

      Check this out at the $4/8 NL (5 players):

      I have pocket KK on the button.

      Guy to my right limps in, I raise it to $24.

      Small blind folds, Big blind calls, another folds and the player (to my right) calls.

      Flop comes out A K 5 raimbow. Perfect. Big blind checks, guy to my right bets $16, I call (slow play) and Big Blind calls as well.

      At this point I am hoping someone has an Ace.

      Turn comes out an 8.

      Guy to my right bets $24, I raise it to $70 (hoping he wouldn’t fold his Ace). Big blind calls my raise and player to my right reraises all in for just over $200… uh oh. Does he have AA? Could be two pair. I can’t fold my set of Kings. So I call. BB calls as well.

      River: 6. I put the rest of my chips in for an additional $250 and BB calls. The pot is $1200 something dollars if I can remember.

      BB reveals 4-7 offsuit! And takes the pot! I lose my set of Kings. And the guy to my right sights saying “What a lucky f*ck! Oh well my two pair would’ve lost anyways”.

      I announced to the table that that player from ISTANBUL (the BB) was a shill/bot employed by the company and that I was never coming to that RIGGED site again! Let’s re-examine shall we:

      Hands in flop: 47 ….. KK ….. xx
      Flop: A - K - 5 and $16 bet all around.
      Turn: 8, a $24 bet, raise to $70 and reraise to over $200
      River: 6

      What was the player (shill) doing in a preflop-raised AK5 flop with a $16 bet with 4-7 offsuit? And why would he call a $200 reraise on turn drawing only to a 6? And no he was not a maniac. He folded many hands before, even got bluffed a couple of times.

      If you think online Poker is as random as in real life you’re an retard.
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