0.67 can't grab database

    • Gerv
      Dabei seit: 07.05.2008 Beiträge: 17.678

      So in the afternoon I did the following:
      1) before 0.67 was released, I was tempted to deinstall 0.66 and install 0.65 with keeping my PostgreSQl database alive
      2) I did that and started up 0.65 but I couldn't connect to my database because of a patched database while Elephant wasn't patched
      3) So i switchedBack but then on 0.66 I couldn't load my active database (took me 72+ hours to import ..) at all

      So with 0.67 I hope this was all solved but apparantly I could not open my active database either as in this:

      This has occured twice already (from 0.65 to 0.66 last week and NOW) so i am kind off frustrating and fearing that this will also happen in 0.68.

      As you suggested before
      Hi Gerv,

      I assume that the postgreSQL service is up and running, otherwise you couldn't connect to the temporary database you created.

      But you have to keep in mind, that after you click "activate database" Elephant starts calculating the tatabase cache for the selected database. Depending on the size of the database this action takes several minutes.
      Did you already check the Windows Task Manager for database activity (postgres.exe storage usage)?

      Doesn't work and please don't try to rephrase the same statement as it makes me .... :rolleyes:

      Anyways to solve this through PGadmin III or something?

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