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      ich bin neu auf PP und irgendwie werden die HandHistorys nicht gespeichert...hab natuerlich alle Preferences so eingestellt:

      (Zitat aus der PP-Support Mail )

      Log into the Party Poker Lobby, go to the " Preferences " tab and from
      the " General " tab click on " Hand Histories"

      You can configure the details of the Hand History you can keep saved on
      your PC :

      1. You will see a note: Hand History Logs should be stored locally on
      the machine, there you have to make sure it is selected 'Yes'.
      2. Below you will find a note saying: Please specify the number of days
      after which you would like the Hand History Logs to be deleted. It is
      very important for you to select a decent amount of days, like for
      example: 90 or 60 days, etc.
      Please, make sure it is not 1 day, because after this one day all of
      your hand history would be deleted.
      3. Finally, choose a decent size for the hand history folder, so it
      could contain as much information as it is possible. The maximum is 100

      Now that the option is enabled your Hand history details should be saved
      in Program Files(Programs if Vista)>PartyGaming>PartyPoker>HandHistory>A
      folder named with after your screenname such as;

      C:\Program Files\PartyGaming\PartyPoker\HandHistory\hero

      aber der Ordner bleibt einfach leer auch nachdem ich etwa 50 Hands gespielt habe.

      Habe schon Software neuinstalliert aber funzt einfach nich...
      Der Ordner ist auch nich schreibgeschuetzt oder so.

      Hat vllt nen Tip an was es liegen kann?

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