Cake Poker ist so sick

    • Andy78ma
      Dabei seit: 28.06.2008 Beiträge: 4.399
      Gibts hier noch mehr die dort spielen und derbste suckouts erleben?

      Also ich will nicht rumheulen hab schon 2.3 Downswings durch, sowas passiert...

      Aber was man da an Händen sieht ist schon unglaublich. Die Seite ist zwar absolut fischig aber dadurch bekommt man natürlich auch öfters nen Arschtritt von irgendwelchen Donks.

      ich zähl schon gar nicht mehr die pocket rockets / Kings mit denen ich broke gehe...
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    • Farbenflash
      Dabei seit: 30.09.2008 Beiträge: 367
      ich nehme mal an, du hast dort >10k hände gespielt !? ;)
    • PokerKinski
      Dabei seit: 25.09.2006 Beiträge: 4.351
      Original von Andy78ma
      Gibts hier noch mehr die dort spielen und derbste suckouts erleben?

      Also ich will nicht rumheulen hab schon 2.3 Downswings durch, sowas passiert...

      Aber was man da an Händen sieht ist schon unglaublich. Die Seite ist zwar absolut fischig aber dadurch bekommt man natürlich auch öfters nen Arschtritt von irgendwelchen Donks.

      ich zähl schon gar nicht mehr die pocket rockets / Kings mit denen ich broke gehe...
      Same here ... :(
    • michimanni
      Dabei seit: 02.08.2006 Beiträge: 65.192
      Na prima, dann haben wir ja jetzt einen offiziellen Cake Poker-Frustabbauthread :)
    • o2loop
      Dabei seit: 15.12.2008 Beiträge: 706
      ahh hier sitzt die minderheit von uns armen pslern die gesuckt werden.

      Schön das ich nicht alleine bin, geteiltes leid ist ja bekanntlich halbes leid^^

      cake is definitiv eine geile site, nur die suckouts sind zieeeeeemlich derbe ...

      mal ein bsp. welches mir widerfahren ist.

      ich SB complete mit 9Ts (clubs) in nem sng nach 4 limpern und keiner action.

      Flop :

      q :diamond: 9 :heart: T :spade:

      Einer geht allin, ich call insta weil 2pair halt, easy broke.

      Turn :

      2 :diamond:

      River :

      6 :diamond:

      showdown 9t :P :diamond: vs 9T :club:

      is doch quasi wie aces gegen aces und einer macht den flush :D

      Also nur eine von unzähligen beats die man da kassiert hab ich hier mal rausgekramt....Da weiss man warum die keinen BBJ anbieten, der würde sich vor lauter beats niemals füllen :D
    • o2loop
      Dabei seit: 15.12.2008 Beiträge: 706
      hat sich nichts geändert, seit 4 tagen suckouts am laufenden ....

      kk vs aj er macht am river das A
      kk vs aq er floppt quads
      kk vs kq er macht den str8 flush
      aa vs k8s er macht den flush
      aa vs k9 er macht den flush
      qq vs aj vs k8 - k8 floppt 2pair
      qq vs 65 er floppt set
      qq vs aj der rivert set
      T9 vs 89 er macht den flush

      das ganze hört einfach nicht auf,

      gerade noch aces gefolded weil jemand n flush geflopt hat und insta allin geht.

      fazit : 25 buy ins down 5 durch missplayen btw. 15 durch suckouts, 10 durch standardsituationen, loose pushes als shortstack.

      cake kann mich langsam mal, für jeden fpp gehts 5 $ down.

      fische = winning player

      donks = winning player

      regulars = suckout by donk and fisch .....

    • o2loop
      Dabei seit: 15.12.2008 Beiträge: 706
      So ich hab dem Support mal ne freundlich mail geschrieben :

      Antwort auf meine sicherheitsbezogenen Fragen :

      Hello ,

      I see that in your email you have made some allegations about the fairness and integrity of our site. As a poker site with over half a million registered accounts, Cake Poker's shuffling and dealing is under constant monitoring from our own players. If it truly were the case that results differed from statistical expectations to a degree variance could not account for, it would be trivially easy for any player with so much as a cursory knowledge of statistics to expose this fact inarguably given a sufficient sample size. That this has never happened is the strongest refutation possible of allegations of this kind. Nevertheless, there are impartial third-party organisations which perform evaluations and standard checks to ensure that posted results meet statistical norms.

      While the majority of players are happy to accept this as strong evidence that Cake Poker is entirely fair and impartial, there is a minority among online players generally who refuse to accept that the game is not rigged against them somehow. Since many of these players tend to vocalise their suspicions, we are in general very familiar with the conspiracy theories that have been concocted regarding the game.

      The most common claim made is that Cake Poker manipulates the shuffle and deal in order to favour certain playing tendencies, to ensure that looser, more unthinkingly aggressive players are 'protected' from the consequences of their poor play by somehow receiving more favourable board cards than statistically expected. We invite players who claim this to be the case to directly test their theory. If, as they claim, they have detected a bias in the software which favours a particular playing style, we challenge them to adopt that very style and see what happens. If they are correct, and successfully apply the style of play required to prosper, then presumably they too will begin to suck out on the river with a frequency exceeding expectations, and reap the benefits. Since we cannot in good conscience advise people to play recklessly, we are sure to tell them in advance exactly what will (almost definitely) happen: they will lose more money in less time than they ever have before, or ever will while playing their normal game.

      There does of course exist a (very small) possibility that they will indeed in the short term hit far more draws than statistical projections would suggest - however, in the long term it is inevitable that probability will catch up with them.

      Most games on the Cake Network are frequented mainly by new and recreational players. This will influence the game to a great deal primarily because more players will stay in a hand and will call because it is relatively cheap to do so and these players tend to chase their outs. This, in effect, will see more bad beats and outdrawings occur. You can't expect all of these players to know pot odds, outs, hand groupings, folding equity, position or what is considered a good or bad play. There are over 20 sites on the Cake Network which were originally sportsbooks and are now using the Cake Network as their poker platform. The standard of players coming from sportsbooks is notoriously bad, with many players for the most part playing for entertainment or enjoyment, paying little heed to the money involved. Frequently they will call any raise up to seven, eight or even ten big blinds pre-flop with pretty much any two cards. These players often seek to model themselves after big name pros like Daniel Negreanu and Gus Hansen, who are famous for playing what traditional players would regard as simply rags. Such players forget that the footage they see and study of these players invariably consists of edited highlights of hours of play compressed into a half-hour show. As a result, they have a very different impression of what constitutes good play. While these players do occasionally hit their draws, the vast majority of these players are losers in the long run. Indeed, since they stay in pots where most players would fold and make/call bets that most players would not, they will in fact hit a greater absolute number of lucky draws and suckouts than the typical player - this higher absolute figure naturally representing the ordinary proportion of their total draws (ie, they hit more often because they draw more often, but they still hit and miss their draws in the expected proportions).

      Another frequent conspiracy theory offered is the so-called 'cashout curse'. Like all such theories, being founded exclusively on anecdotal evidence with no proof, this idea quickly breaks down when examined logically. CakePoker does not profit directly from deposits, nor does it suffer a loss on withdrawals. Like all major poker sites, our profits are solely derived from raking cash games and the entry fee for tournaments. Clearly, then, the 'motive' ascribed to poker sites for 'punishing' players who cash out winnings is in fact mythical. This is again reinforced by the size of our player database - if it were the case that cashing out resulted in a negative impact on play, it would be a very simple process to demonstrate this clearly. The fact is that our shuffling is fair and our deal is impartial, with no favour given to or withheld from any individual player.

      Finally, we come to the claim that the software manipulates the deck to influence players to play more hands, thus, allegedly, generating more rake. This is one of the most common fallacies repeated among devotees of the various conspiracy theories surrounding online gaming. The basic idea: by some means, players are induced to play more pots, which generates more rake for the site. The simplistic model underlying all theories of this type does not reflect the reality of the game as it is played. Firstly, Cake Poker caps the rake on all ring games below $5000NL at $3 per pot. This effectively (if counter-intuitively) refutes all claims that causing players to play more pots would generate more rake. If the software were manipulated to ensure that more players took more flops, the typical session would change radically. As things stand, in both online and bricks-and-mortar play, the basic model of cash game play consists chiefly of small pots with no showdown (comprising say 80% of pots played), with a relatively small number of large pots where hands are shown down or, at any rate, the rake is capped (the remaining 20%). Suppose the amount of rake generated by a player in a small pot averages at $0.50 per pot. The rake from such a session over 100 hands would thus approach $100 ([$0.50 x 80] + [$3 x 20]). In a situation where players were being manipulated to commit to pots early, it is true that initially more pots would reach the maximum $3. But those pots must be won (and lost) by somebody. After only a few orbits, one would thus expect at least two or three players to have lost their entire stack at the table. These players will either reload or stop playing. If they reload, play continues, if they do not, then the table is missing a player. Since we cannot expect that every player will reload every time they stack off, it becomes clear that a growing percentage of players at the table will drop off as play continues. Each player that drops off is no longer contributing rake. Thus, if a losing player busts after 25 hands where normally he would last for 100, the rake generated is at the very most $3 x 25 = $75 - a net drop of $25 in rake.

      To summarise, the rake system profits us far more when play takes place over a large number of small pots than over a small number of large pots - this latter scenario being the inevitable result of manipulating the deck in the manner the conspiracy theorists suggest.

      It is strictly forbidden to use any automated software or computer system to play at CAKE, including the action of sending information from Your computer to another computer where such software or system is active. Poker-Robots or any software designed to play automatically at poker sites is not allowed. At any time while You are playing at CAKE, the Software may scan Your computer for any activity of such software and systems. Also forbidden is the use of any software during the game that is designed to track and display the actions of the other players on the site or any system or service to transfer funds to or from a player's CAKE account to their account at any other site or the deliberate "dumping" of chips between any accounts on the Cake Poker Network. Usage of such methods will result in the closing of Your account and be subject to confiscation of Your winnings and funds. CAKE reserves the right to publicize information of any such documented abuse including Your personal information.

      The situation of cheating which occurred on the AP and UB sites could never occur on the Cake Poker Network as no person is able to read hole cards from any client application. In fact there is no “super user” capability on either the client or server side. At no time, even in the development stage was there any ability for the client application to view the opponent’s hole cards. Nor is there any other application made available internally or externally to any employee or non-employee that has the ability to view any player's hole cards in real time.

      CakePoker uses the cryptographically secure RNG system found in Microsoft’s CryptoAPI. "Cryptographically secure" means that the RNG is so completely random that even a large amount of computer analysis cannot predict or detect patterns in the output, a fact that has been validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

      More information can be found at:

      Cake Gaming NV operates from inside the Government of the Netherlands Antilles International Telecomm, UTS - as a licensee of Cyberluck. Accordingly, Cake Gaming N.V. completely by-passes public shared infrastructures due to the exclusive agreement to sit under the core data services provided by Cyberluck’s partner UTS, which is responsible to land and manage the fiber connections to Curacao and all of the Netherlands Antilles island territories. All parties operating from this location are required to adhere to the strict security requirements imposed by the Government. In addition to this Cyberluck provides secure storage for Cake’s hardware in Cyberluck’s vault located on 24/7, secured government grounds.

      Regarding the bad beats you have received we would urge you to review the hands which you have played (these are saved to your had drive). We are confident that you will find that you have not received a statistically high number of bad beats and it is most likely that the number of times that a player has come from behind to win a hand is roughly the same proportionate number of times that you have come from behind to win.

      If you do believe that a disproportionate amount of beats have been inflicted on you then please forward your findings from the hands saved to your drive and we will of course investigate this further.



      Cakepoker Security.
    • michimanni
      Dabei seit: 02.08.2006 Beiträge: 65.192
      Ich hol den Thread mal aus aktuellem wieder hoch... :)
    • Dodo26
      Dabei seit: 16.11.2006 Beiträge: 106
      Also ich komme auch abslout nicht zurecht auf Cake. Ich kann machen was ich will, die Fische sind einfach zu dumm. Und der angebliche Zufallsgenerator bevorzugt irgendwie die dummen Leute.

      Die spielen echt einen Scheiß zusammen und gewinnen meistens dann auch noch. Sie verlieren natürlich auch oft, aber ich frage mich echt, wie die überhaupt dort überleben können.

      Normalerweise müssten die so schnell broke sein, dass es schon gar keine Fische mehr geben durfte. Das beste ist, dass sie meistens ernsthaft so eine schrottige Hand haben, wo ich mir immer sage, der war jetzt nicht wirklich so dumm, mit einer solchen Hand zu spielen und schwups zeigt er tatsächlich die dumme Hand...
    • ktec
      Dabei seit: 17.01.2005 Beiträge: 2.781
      cake ist mit die beste seite
    • obinator
      Dabei seit: 31.03.2006 Beiträge: 192
      Es ist echt nicht zum aushalten:

      1. Hand ich AKo ein Caller, Flop: T28, Gegner donkpusht, ich überlege, denke er hat den Flop eher nicht getroffen, ich calle, Gegner zeigt Q7s unimproved ohne draws oder sonstwas! Turn=7, jo toll!!!

      2. Hand ich pushe 99, 1 Caller AQo, Flop: AAQ, und um nochmal richtig witzig zu sein: River=9 hahahahahaha, so ein Rotz!!!

      Echtes Bingo/Lotto-Poker dort.

      Hier bin ich ja dann wohl richtig...
    • obinator
      Dabei seit: 31.03.2006 Beiträge: 192
      1. Hand:

      Hero: A :heart: A :diamond:

      Villain: K :spade: K :heart:

      Flop: K :diamond: Q :diamond: 6 :spade:

      2. Hand:

      Hero: A :spade: J :heart:

      Villain: 4 :diamond: 4 :heart:

      Board: 4 :spade: 4 :club: 7 :heart: A :diamond: A :club:

      Hahahahaha fy Cake!!!

      Gleich das nächste Ding im Gold-Card Turnier:

      Ich raise 4BB, DONK pusht, ich calle

      Hero: K :heart: K :diamond:
      DONK: A :heart: 2 :spade:

      Flop: A :diamond: A :club: 2 :club:

      Brauch ich ja dann wohl nicht mehr spielen, den Müll...