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      Was haltet ihr von der DVD? Hat die jmd? Wenn ja, wie ist das DVD SET? Hab vor das eventuell vom Stars Shop zu kaufen...

      Krantz's Short-handed No-Limit Hold'em 2 DVD set

      Winning strategy specifically for 6 max no limit cash games. Jay "Krantz" Rosenkrantz can be found playing the highest stakes short-handed and heads-up cash games, in which he has booked winnings of more than $1m in a single month. He has a reputation as a fearless and aggressive player who backs his intuition with strong logic and powerful hand reading skills. Successful hand reading is the key to being a big winner in 6-max No- Limit Hold Em cash games. In short-handed and heads-up play, the best players have learnt how to determine an accurate range of hands for their opponents, and then use this information to exploit their specific weaknesses. In these DVDs, Krantz explores the magical art of hand reading and shows how to use these skills to make the right plays. With good hand reading, you'll be amazed by what you can achieve. An entire new world will open up for you. The DVDs also feature Krantz's introduction to 6-max play, with his own starting guide to player types, hand ranges, position, stack sizes and bet sizing. Running times: PART ONE - Introduction to 6-max and expert hand reading - 59 mins PART TWO - Expert hand reading - 57 mins
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