berating the fish

    • Macout
      Dabei seit: 28.03.2005 Beiträge: 1.444
      gestern war mir langweilig und semidepressiv und so, also dachte ich mir ich berate etwas den fisch weil meine künste mehr bei 17/8 als bei 40/0 fruchten. siehe nl forum, wo meine rebluff künste einen quasi-gott-status mir verschafft haben. ein paar highlights:

      - ne1 knows the twoplustwo site??? good stuff there. ultimate poker learning join!

      - lol, did u fcking read the books??? u suck hard

      - fck this, them sharks will take all your dough. me with them.

      - i had odds idiot, i make money longterm!

      - dickshit, ever heard of EV???

      - u should have folded that, not good against his range. try this pokerstove thing.

      - ne1 also has problem with pokeracehud??

      - really u should quity poker, ur dumb as hell

      - fckng 4outer, u suck at equity calculating

      - sorry 4 suckout bro, icm tells me to push here

      - u need stratagy vs me, good one. just ask ur mom fckhead

      - whats ur preflop stratagy?? u call this preflop??

      gl bros!

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