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    • ips.seri
      Dabei seit: 16.01.2005 Beiträge: 1.970
      Status: Looking for a guide ...
      Status: Connected to guide: LizzW
      LizzW: Welcome to ChaCha!
      You: hi lizz
      You: how are you
      LizzW: hello
      LizzW: good, you?
      You: im not very good
      You: im sad
      You: and im looking for a friend
      LizzW: awe
      LizzW: i'll be your friend
      You: wow
      You: that would be awsome!!
      You: whats myspace
      LizzW: it's a way to meet new friends :)
      You: u are on myspace 2 ?
      LizzW: i am
      You: what is your
      You: myspace
      LizzW: myspace.com/calliaspixels
      You: nick
      LizzW: its private unless your added to my friends list
      You: u got a nice foot!
      LizzW: lol its my daughters but thank you
      You: shes got a nice foot!
      You: how old is ur daughter
      LizzW: one
      You: so u must be at least 14
      LizzW: ha ha
      LizzW: older
      You: 15?
      LizzW: i'm in my 20s
      You: 21?
      LizzW: lol older
      You: 22?
      LizzW: can i help you find anything else? :)
      You: yes
      You: now that i will have some friends
      You: i need some boardgames
      You: for funny evening
      LizzW: like online flash games?
      You: when i can play boardgames with my new friends
      You: no real boardgames
      You: for me and my new friends
      LizzW: for purchase?
      You: hm
      You: for rent would be better
      You: maybe i dont like my new friends and then i can give the boardgames back
      LizzW: ah
      LizzW: well if you buy from a retailer like walmart, you can always return the game ;)
      You: we dont have a walmart
      You: here in our coutnry
      You: google search?
      You: olk
      You: i got enogh
      You: boardgames now
      You: i already ordered ~18
      LizzW: nice :)
      You: do you think
      You: monopoly
      You: is a good
      You: game?
      LizzW: it is
      You: ok then now i have
      You: 19
      You: boardgames ordered
      You: i thank you very much
      You: wiht ur helping
      LizzW: awesome well you have fun with your new friends and the games :)
      You: u are a talented saerchscout!
      LizzW: lol thank you
      LizzW: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
      Status: Session ended
    • ips.seri
      Dabei seit: 16.01.2005 Beiträge: 1.970
      Status: Connected to guide: KyleW
      You: hi kyle
      KyleW: Welcome to ChaCha!
      You: r u there kyle?
      KyleW: Hello how are you today?
      You: im fine thanks
      You: how r u?
      KyleW: I am doing good thanks for asking.
      You: so
      You: im searching for machine guns
      KyleW: What type of machine guns are you looking for?
      You: something cheap
      You: i need like 100-200
      KyleW: Ok, let me see what I can find for you.
      You: maybe
      You: i get a discount w
      You: when i buy like 200
      You: i got a cousin in venezuela
      You: hes not very happy wiht his government
      You: but the machine guns there
      You: are way to expensive
      You: because of the high requests of MGs there in south america
      You: so he asked me to get some from him
      You: when i succeed
      You: in my quest
      You: i might get a good job in the new
      You: venezuelian government
      You: some ministre position
      You: the second link are
      You: airsoft snipers
      You: check the first one
      You: the page
      You: is totally screwed up
      You: no overview
      You: and i need a trader
      You: here in germany
      You: or a shop that delivers to germany
      You: u might want to check polnish or russian w
      You: ebsites
      You: they might deliver to germany
      You: do you speak russian?
      You: hello?
    • Korn
      Dabei seit: 14.01.2005 Beiträge: 12.512
      nice :)
    • tmy
      Dabei seit: 15.01.2005 Beiträge: 6.309
      kyle owns :P
    • ips.seri
      Dabei seit: 16.01.2005 Beiträge: 1.970
      Klay sorry, selbst chacha weiß nicht wie man dich unbanned

      Status: Looking for a guide ...
      Status: Connected to guide: LisaR
      LisaR: Welcome to ChaCha!
      You: hi lisar
      LisaR: Hi there
      You: how r u
      LisaR: What is it you are looking for?
      LisaR: I am good
      You: im searching
      You: for a way to get
      You: klay unbanned
      You: but nothing with guns
      You: something peacefull
      LisaR: What is klay, and unbanned from what?
      You: unbanned from pokerstrategy.de forum
      You: noone knows
      You: exactly what klay is
      LisaR: You would have to contact the forum moderator
      You: some say its a monkey
      You: some say its a human
      LisaR: Have a good day
      LisaR: Thank you for using ChaCha!
      Status: Session ended
    • ips.seri
      Dabei seit: 16.01.2005 Beiträge: 1.970
      Status: Looking for a guide ...
      Status: Connected to guide: SpencerE
      SpencerE: Welcome to ChaCha!
      You: hi spencer
      SpencerE: hello
      You: so
      You: im having this
      SpencerE: What can I help you find on downswing?
      You: huge downswing right now
      You: not exactly a downswing
      You: i alraedy got one
      You: thats the problem
      You: see i flop k high flush
      You: on unpaired board
      You: 3 opponents
      You: villain bets like 30 or something
      You: i make it directly 90 no slowplay or anything
      You: cause i dont want th eboard to get paired or to get 4 suited
      You: so i get no action and stuff
      SpencerE: Im sorry, Im not sure what you need
      You: yes wait
      You: listen to the story ill tell u at the end
      SpencerE: ok
      You: ok so i make it 90 and he comes over the top
      You: pushes allin wiht
      You: 1,2k
      You: im like " W T F " ?
      You: but i call
      You: for shizzle
      You: turn is the 3
      You: and river is the 3
      You: so he makes
      You: runner runner fullhouse
      You: wiht 53s
      You: he just got a midpair
      You: u got it?
      You: im having a huge downswing
      You: and bad luck
      You: so now ive heard
      SpencerE: ok
      You: that there are some lucky charms
      You: i can eat or somethin
      You: i dunno
      You: so i need
      You: lucky charms
      You: can u help me?
      You: are they legal?
      SpencerE: one moment please, Im sure they are
      You: thats wikipedia
      You: i cant order from wikipedia
      You: can i?
      SpencerE: ohh i see, you would like to buy them
      SpencerE: alright one moment please
      You: yea sure
      You: so i can get like
      You: my 3outer
      You: i never hit my gutshot
      You: i dont call with them very often anyhow
      You: but when i do cause of the implieds
      You: i just dont hit
      You: aah
      You: ebay
      You: mom
      You: let me check
      SpencerE: ok
      You: and those
      You: will bring me luck?
      SpencerE: Im not sure, I dont think they gaurantee that
      You: thats bogus!
      You: they cant name their product
      You: lucky charm
      You: without garanteeing it wont help
      You: there is this old lady
      You: once
      You: she knocked at my door
      You: and sold me this magic stone
      You: she guaranteed that this will bring me luck
      SpencerE: Did it?
      You: and makes my weewee 3 inches taller
      You: no
      You: but i got herpes
      SpencerE: oh, thats too bad
      You: ill never pay 400 bucks for a stone
      You: again
      You: !
      You: maybe ill just quit playing poker
      You: and start with roulette
      You: or jacks or better
      You: have a good one ill rate u the best!
    • BlackFlush
      Dabei seit: 01.06.2006 Beiträge: 2.879
      lo, very nice!

      Ich hab nach nem Roulette-System gefragt, und die hat mir 2 Links gegeben, auf denen stand, dass Roulette -EV is. Daraufhin hab ich behauptet, sie würden mit dem Roulette-Mafia zusammenarbeiten... Dann kam ne Meldung, dass ich das System abusen würde und sie meine IP getrackt hätten... lol!
    • beg0r
      Dabei seit: 07.05.2006 Beiträge: 3.248
      Status: Looking for a guide ...
      Status: Connected to guide: RhondaP
      RhondaP: Welcome to ChaCha!
      You: what... the... hell is this?
      RhondaP: Hi. What can I search for you today?
      You: you search things for me?
      RhondaP: It's a search engine with live guides.
      RhondaP: yes
      You: wow
      You: is it legal if i ask you to search drugs like marihuana for me?
      You: i'm not telling you to do so!
      You: dont get me wrong!
      RhondaP: sure, information about marijuana is legal
      You: cool
      RhondaP: lots of people do reports on drugs for school
      You: ok, where can i get marihuana?
      You: ok ok
      You: i do this for school, got me?
      RhondaP: that IS illegal,
      RhondaP: would you like information on marijuana?
      You: no no no
      You: wanna buy
      RhondaP: sorry, that will get you put in jail. have a good day.
      RhondaP: Thank you for using ChaCha!
      Status: Session ended.

      ey is die bloed? :D
    • ips.seri
      Dabei seit: 16.01.2005 Beiträge: 1.970
      hehe n1

      btw bin jetzt auch banned,
      aber irgendwie schätze ich das es nur nen IP ban ist, ich reconnecte gleich mal
    • beg0r
      Dabei seit: 07.05.2006 Beiträge: 3.248
      klar isses nurn ip ban :D ... verdammt macht das SPASS! wie telefonstreiche damals :D

      Status: Looking for a guide ...
      Status: Connected to guide: KeenanK
      KeenanK: Welcome to ChaCha!
      You: hello
      You: lol i just thought of a question and already forgot it
      KeenanK: really
      You: i swear
      You: erm
      You: AH
      You: wait, i got it
      KeenanK: ok
      You: what does the word ollum mean in german?
      KeenanK: One moment okay
      You: but i cant find a translation!
      You: ok ok ok
      Transfer: You are being transfered to another guide who can help you search even better!
      Looking for guide ...
      Status: Connected to guide: JudyE
      JudyE: Welcome to ChaCha!
      JudyE: hello
      You: test
      You: ah hi
      JudyE: hello
      You: ok, i got a question
      You: what does the word ollum mean in german?
      You: i need a translation
      You: hell, i looked for one for years
      You: give me pls!!!
      JudyE: one moment
      JudyE: one moment
      You: lol spam protection?
      You: lol joking
      JudyE: Thank you for using ChaCha!
      Status: Session ended.
    • error
      Dabei seit: 22.01.2005 Beiträge: 403
      DonnaR: I thought this would be a good chance to exercise intellect, but it has turned out to be not so.
      You: It could be. What would you like to talk about?
      You: I have an 190 smarts
      DonnaR: I just don't know anymore. Hours of searching for dead cats, clowns of hate, and time machines have left me spent.

    • Krach-Bumm-Ente
      Dabei seit: 01.05.2006 Beiträge: 10.634
      Ich hab nach guns, lots of guns gesucht. Dann hat sie gemeint, was für guns. Ich hab gesagt alles mögliche, pistole, mg, raketenwerfer..sie hat mich weitergeleitet :D dem nächsten hab ich erzählt, dass alles unreal ist und alle Menschen nur batterien wären. und dass ich guns brauche, a LOT, really.

      ban :(
    • Kreatief
      Dabei seit: 28.01.2006 Beiträge: 13.896
      Scheisse, hätte ich gewusst dass das ein Mensch und kein Bot ist, wäre ich nicht so rabiat in meiner Wortwahl gewesen. Habe den voll doof angemacht... :rolleyes:

    • BlackFlush
      Dabei seit: 01.06.2006 Beiträge: 2.879
      Status: Looking for a guide ...
      Status: Connected to guide: SandraM
      SandraM: Welcome to ChaCha!
      SandraM: Hello
      You: Hi
      You: I'm looking for a tank
      You: the neighbours car is again parking in my parking lot
      SandraM: Welcome to ChaCha! Please wait a moment while I search for your results.
      You: I need a big one to crush this ugly car in a few seconds
      You: If he see's I crushed it, he'll kill me
      You: he got some really big machine guns, so I'm a little bit scared
      You: but with a big tank i think this will be no problem, will it?
      SandraM: probably not
      You: that's great
      You: it can be unarmed, that's no problem
      SandraM: i am not for sure
      Transfer: You are being transfered to another guide who can help you search even better!
      Looking for guide ...
      Status: Connected to guide: LisaW
      LisaW: Welcome to ChaCha!
      You: Hi
      LisaW: Hello, can you give me more information about your search?
      You: I'm looking for a tank, because the neighbours car is parked in my parking lot again
      LisaW: ok one moment
      You: so I need to crush it easy and fast, because he got a machine gun and will kill me if he see's what I've done to his car
      You: the other guide was not sure if my neighbour can hit me while i sit in the tank
      You: so i now think about some explosives... I can deposite them near the car and blow the car while I'm in the airplane flighing to malibu ore something
      You: what do you think about this?
      LisaW: I think it is funny and not a real search.
      You: but I need a tank
      You: my neighbour is really ugly and he don't need his car, because he got no friends at all... But his car is always parked in my parking lot
      LisaW: I am searching.
      You: so I decided to crush his car anyway... I'm searching for the right way... And maybe a tank ore explosives are this way
      You: you understand?
      LisaW: sure I do
      You: do you think this is the right way?
      LisaW: not really
      You: so, what should I do?
      LisaW: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
      Status: Session ended.
    • Kugelfang
      Dabei seit: 24.05.2005 Beiträge: 5.942
      You: hi
      You: how are you
      You: what is the to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
      You: *answer
      AmyA: I am well, thanks for asking
      AmyA: How are you
      You: fine now that i finally got to a competent guide
      AmyA: Thanks
      You: they all didn't know the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything
      You: do you know it?
      AmyA: 42
      You: Is that all you've got to show for seven and a half million years' work?
      AmyA: That's it.
      AmyA: I checked it very thoroughly
      AmyA: and that quite definitely is the answer.
      AmyA: I think the propblem, to be quite honest with you, is that you've never actually known wha tthe question is.
      AmyA: :)

      You: forget about it, but can u find a page that helps people who are thinking about suicide?
      ChrisB: Sorry, I don't think I can help you very much on this topic.
      You: i think it would be too much for him to go to a real doctor
      ChrisB: Yeah sure. Does he want to be convinced not to do it, or advice on how?
    • lordTasse
      Dabei seit: 17.01.2005 Beiträge: 3.847
      Status: Connected to guide: CoreyM
      CoreyM: Welcome to ChaCha!
      CoreyM: Hello.
      You: hello!
      You: u want to roleplay with me?
      You: you are the master
      You: we play a fantasy scenario
      You: ok?
      CoreyM: Would you like to make a search?
      You: yeah im searching for a guide
      You: who plays with me
      CoreyM: Very well.
      CoreyM: But you must at least make a search.
      You: ok im searching for roleplay rules
      CoreyM: Okay.
      You: ok thats a good site
      You: now lets roleplay!
      CoreyM: Fine.
      You: you are the master
      CoreyM: Okay.
      You: then go!
      CoreyM: Okay.
      You: u dont know how to roleplay, do you?
      CoreyM: Have a nice day!
      You: hey
      You: stop!
      CoreyM: You told me to go.
      You: or i rate you bad
      You: no!
      You: you are the roleplay master
      You: you begin the story
      CoreyM: Fine.
      CoreyM: I am the moon master.
      CoreyM: You must pass 3 levels to be a moon master.
      You: okay!
      CoreyM: You go to the first level...
      CoreyM: and you find an exit.
      You: wtf
      CoreyM: Go to the exit!
      You: i dont go through the exit
      You: its a trap
      CoreyM: Fine then.
      You: i use my trapkickass technique
      CoreyM: You are still in level one.
      You: how big is the room?
      CoreyM: It is a hallway.
      CoreyM: It only has one door.
      CoreyM: It is the exit.
      You: a wooden door?
      CoreyM: IT is a door.
      You: thats strange
      You: i summoun mcgyver
      CoreyM: The door is closed.
      You: i let mcgyver handle this
      CoreyM: Mcgyver is dead.
      You: i resurrect him with my uber magical skills
      CoreyM: No you cannot.
      CoreyM: For you are not a moon master.
      You: wtf? iam a lvl99 badmotherfuck sorcerer
      CoreyM: It doesn't matter.
      CoreyM: For you are on the moon.
      You: ok then
      You: i call the a-team!
      CoreyM: And on the moon, you are powerless.
      You: ok i do the moonwalk to the exit
      CoreyM: Congratulations! You just passed level 2!
      CoreyM: Level 1 i mean.
      You: yippi!
      CoreyM: Level 2.
      CoreyM: You see an exit.
      You: a hallway again?
      CoreyM: Yep.
      You: where is the a-team btw?
      CoreyM: There is no a-team.
      You: damnit!
      CoreyM: For the only a-team is you, for you are a team of one.
      You: damn
      You: thats a hard level
      You: i investigate the hallway
      You: hey!
      You: HELLO?
      CoreyM: What?
      You: i investigate the hallway!!
      CoreyM: Yiu're making this game a lot harder than it should be.
      CoreyM: Anyways, you're about to time out.
      CoreyM: In 30 seconds.
      You: wtf why?
      You: I GO THROUGH THE EXIT!!!!!
      CoreyM: It's the time limit
      CoreyM: Level 3. 20 seconds!
      You: OK
      You: a hallway again?
      CoreyM: Kill the Gorgotron
      You: OH DAMN
      CoreyM: 10 Seconds!
      CoreyM: 9
      CoreyM: 8
      CoreyM: 7
      CoreyM: 6
      CoreyM: 5
      CoreyM: 4
      CoreyM: Have a nice day!
      CoreyM: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
      Status: Session ended.
    • Benido
      Dabei seit: 14.04.2006 Beiträge: 13.853
      megageil :D den link bookmarke ich gleich ma :D
    • ips.seri
      Dabei seit: 16.01.2005 Beiträge: 1.970
      Status: Looking for a guide ...
      Status: Connected to guide: JuliaC
      JuliaC: Welcome to ChaCha!
      You: hello julia
      JuliaC: Hello!
      You: how r u
      JuliaC: Please be more specific as to what you're looking for on this topic.
      JuliaC: I'm great thanks.
      JuliaC: YOu?
      You: im fine thanks for asking
      You: ok i was looking for
      You: things i shouldnt eat
      You: the thing is
      You: i like to eat
      You: alot
      JuliaC: me too!
      JuliaC: :)
      You: but there are things i shouldnt eat
      You: so i dont get sick
      You: or die
      You: so what things i shouldnt eat?
      JuliaC: Okay...
      JuliaC: one moment please.
      You: no problem
      You: ok let me check
      You: but thats all stuff
      You: that are eatable
      JuliaC: I know...this is a hard searcg
      You: can i eat polar bears?
      JuliaC: Everything is for pregnancy
      You: how do they taste
      You: oh
      You: are you pregnant?
      JuliaC: NO
      JuliaC: LOL
      You: why not
      JuliaC: thank god!
      You: dont you like children?
      JuliaC: I was pregnant for almost 2 years straight!
      JuliaC: I had a baby and 3 months later I was pregnant again.
      JuliaC: lol
      You: so now u have 3 babys?
      You: i cant remember the time when i was a baby
      JuliaC: no just 2
      You: thats weird isnt it?
      JuliaC: I have memories for the age of 2.
      You: wow
      You: whats the memory?
      JuliaC: That's as far as it goes
      JuliaC: My mom being pregnant
      You: with you?
      JuliaC: My brother bieng born
      You: damn thats an early memory
      JuliaC: No with my brother.
      You: ah ok
      You: to be honest my first memory
      You: that comes to my mind
      You: is when im like 5
      JuliaC: Crawling through a tunnel at the park I was 2 yrs old.
      You: oh
      JuliaC: THat's it.
      You: first meomry: i was 5 and standing at the window of my kindergarde n
      You: pressing my face at the windowglass
      JuliaC: My husband is that same way you are.
      You: and i was thinkign
      You: i swear
      You: i can remember this tought
      You: i was 5 and my face was pressed at the windowglass
      You: and i tought
      You: "when i am 10 im almost an adult"
      You: no lie!!
      JuliaC: lol
      JuliaC: that's cute
      You: its weird that i remembered that =)
      You: i become 10 in july next year
      You: so lets see if im an adult then
      JuliaC: UGGG I have a mosqutio bite on my back
      You: mosquito? where r u located right now
      JuliaC: I can't stop scratching it!
      JuliaC: south TX
      JuliaC: :(
      You: u just have to hit ur knee at ur desktop
      You: very hard
      JuliaC: lol
      You: then ull forget to scratch it
      You: like ten minutes ago i tried to eat my desktop and now i feel woozie
      You: thats why i came here and asked
      You: about things i shoudlnt eat
      You: maybe ud say "a desktop" then i would be like "wtf damn i should know that"
      JuliaC: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
      Status: Session ended.
    • iluya
      Dabei seit: 23.04.2006 Beiträge: 6.708
      wollte mal wissen wie man geld bei poker gewinnt... die typen sind echt sehr hilfreich...

      FredH: Yeah don't play. LOL

      edit: warum bin ich überhaupt bei pokerstrategy... lol^^ http://www.winningsecret.com/poker/?c1=poker&source=Adwords&kw=poker1&gclid=CJbOqdTBmokCFR1EWAodFAP0Tw

      achja und die zweite seite die er mir gibt ist pokerstrategy^^