• Flixxx
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      An undesirable man/woman who is in the act of checking you out.

      donkolation station

      A place where donkolators can participate in the act of donkolation on you or people around you.


      The fabled ( or maybe not so fabled) land where the Donkeys reign (Democrats) This is as scary a place as Liberaland for many of the same reasons. Where as Liberaland is the thought process, Donkistan is the theoretical place of its existence. The leaders of Donkistan are dedicated to voiding the Second Amendment and allowing government to grow until their idea of nirvana is reached: 110% Taxation

      Another bill to restrict the rights of law abiding firearms possessors......this crap is straight out of Donkistan!

      In Donkistan, the government must protect you from yourself because in their eyes, you are incapable of doing so.

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