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Calculate equity range vs range

    • DyLaK
      Dabei seit: 29.12.2007 Beiträge: 1.760
      Hello, Im making an application for shortstack calculations, and I need the equity of a range vs other range.

      I have the equity of a hand vs other hand, but I dont know how to calculate the equity range vs range.

      Anyone knows how to calculate it?
  • 1 Antwort
    • NablaO
      Dabei seit: 23.01.2009 Beiträge: 12
      How do you calculate hand vs. hand?

      I assume, your program does it like the most programs do: by laying down every possible combination of the five board-cards and counting how many times every player wins/loeses.

      So for calcuating range vs range, you do that for every possible hand of the range, which means that every possible hand of the handrange plays vs. every possible hand of the other handrange. But there are too much combinations possible and it would take too much time to calculate all of them.
      So you have to choose random hands from handrange and lay down random board-cards and do a approximative calculation.

      btw: don't use the standard random number generators, which are provided by most program languages. They are not good enough, which means that their period is too short.
      The "gnu scientific library", which is free, has very good random number generators.