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Jackpothand nicht gespielt

    • Zuckerzocker
      Dabei seit: 22.03.2007 Beiträge: 444
      Für mich eine der besten Pokergeschichten überhaupt:

      Edit: Nein es ist kein Aprilscherz. Siehe auch das Veröffentlichungsdatum.

      Ultimate Missed Opportunity
      By Dan
      Published: Saturday, March 28, 2009

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      UltimateBet takes great pride in its Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) and while many players get frustrated with the great proportion of BBJ tables (and extra rake) at certain levels, there is no doubt that most of us would love to be the lucky loser at a jackpot table. Two players got lucky last Friday night, but unfortunately they forgot to read the rules and therefore missed out on a nice influx of cash.

      So, let's start by reviewing how the UltimateBet Bad Beat Jackpot works. At specially marked tables, when the pot reaches the point where it is raked 25 cents (the pot needs to get to $5 for this to happen), UltimateBet will take another 50 cents from the pot to use for the BBJ. If a player loses with quad eights or better, the jackpot is triggered. Because 25 percent of the BBJ is used to seed the next BBJ and 10 percent goes to the house, only 65 percent is actually allocated to the players. Of this 65 percent, half goes to the loser of the hand, a quarter goes to the winner, $1,000 is given to the rest of the players who were dealt into the hand, and the remainder is divided amongst all of the other players at tables of the same game type and stakes.

      Now on to the hand. On March 20, nearing midnight, two players, RELOADNGO and DANIELMARIO, saw a flop at a No-Limit Hold'em BBJ table with $0.25/$0.50 blinds. They then proceeded to check it all the way through to showdown with the board showing 7c-Qh-Jh-Th-8c. They were probably overjoyed when they saw each other's hand: RELOADNGO held Ah-Kh for a royal flush, while DANIELMARIO held 8h-9h for a straight flush. Bad Beat Jackpot time, right?


      Because they checked it down, the pot only reached $4.75, less 20 cents rake. It never got to that magic $5 mark in order for the extra rake for the BBJ to be taken. Therefore, the two players, along with the rest of their tablemates and all the others at like tables, saw their amazing luck turned on its head. The BBJ was around $350,000 at the time, so DANIELMARIO lost out on about $114,000 and RELOADNGO lost out on $57,000. Here is the hand history:

      Stage #1324603887: Holdem No Limit $0.50 - 2009-03-20 23:56:45 (ET)
      Table: BATTLEFORD DR (Real Money) Seat #2 is the dealer
      Seat 2 - OWPTOUR ($34.50 in chips)
      Seat 3 - WUHAAA ($60.05 in chips)
      Seat 4 - XMAN9 ($28.05 in chips)
      Seat 5 - DANIELMARIO ($49.82 in chips)
      Seat 6 - RELOADNGO ($57.82 in chips)
      Seat 8 - MITZU ($32.55 in chips)
      Seat 9 - THE_TAZZ ($51 in chips)
      Seat 1 - ROCNRON ($17.50 in chips)
      WUHAAA - Posts small blind $0.25
      XMAN9 - Posts big blind $0.50
      *** POCKET CARDS ***
      Dealt to THE_TAZZ [10c 2s]
      DANIELMARIO - Calls $0.50
      RELOADNGO - Raises $2 to $2
      MITZU - Folds
      THE_TAZZ - Folds
      ROCNRON - Folds
      OWPTOUR - Folds
      WUHAAA - Folds
      XMAN9 - Folds
      DANIELMARIO - Calls $1.50
      *** FLOP *** [7c Qh Jh]
      DANIELMARIO - Checks
      RELOADNGO - Checks
      *** TURN *** [7c Qh Jh] [10h]
      DANIELMARIO - Checks
      RELOADNGO - Checks
      *** RIVER *** [7c Qh Jh 10h] [8c]
      DANIELMARIO - Checks
      RELOADNGO - Checks
      *** SHOW DOWN ***
      DANIELMARIO - Shows [9h 8h] (Straight flush, queen)
      RELOADNGO - Shows [Kh Ah] (Royal flush)
      RELOADNGO Collects $4.55 from main pot
      *** SUMMARY ***
      Total Pot($4.75) | Rake ($0.20)
      Board [7c Qh Jh 10h 8c]
      Seat 1: ROCNRON Folded on the POCKET CARDS
      Seat 2: OWPTOUR (dealer) Folded on the POCKET CARDS
      Seat 3: WUHAAA (small blind) Folded on the POCKET CARDS
      Seat 4: XMAN9 (big blind) Folded on the POCKET CARDS
      Seat 5: DANIELMARIO HI:lost with Straight flush, queen [9h 8h - BQ,BJ,B:10h,P9,P8]
      Seat 6: RELOADNGO won Total ($4.55) HI:( $4.55) with Royal flush [Kh Ah - PA,PK,BQ,BJ,B:10h]
      Seat 8: MITZU Folded on the POCKET CARDS
      Seat 9: THE_TAZZ Folded on the POCKET CARDS

      How could this happen? How could two players be this dense? Well, first it is obvious that they were not aware of the rule that the BBJ rake has to be taken for the hand to qualify for the jackpot. They probably just thought that as long as they were at a BBJ table, everything qualified.

      There are two scenarios that seem to be the best explanations for what happened. One possibility is that the two players checked the flop because they didn't hit anything and wanted to draw to their straights and flushes (and straight flushes) for free. Then, when both caught their monster card on the turn, they decided to slow play. On the river, DANIELMARIO, acting first, may have tried to slow play one more time, and RELOADNGO, thinking that the three straight checks by his opponent meant he had nothing, decided to just check so that he could show the table his royal flush. After all, if DANIELMARIO had nothing, he would fold to any sort of value bet.

      The other possibility is that after nailing their hands on the turn, neither player wanted to bet and risk having the other fold, as that would kill the opportunity for the jackpot. Of course, that would be foolish thinking, as if both players had hands strong enough to qualify for the BBJ, neither would ever come close to folding, no matter how much the other bets.

      Some conspiracy theorists have put forth the idea that because of UltimateBet's history of cheating scandals, the two players were employees of the poker room, knew the jackpot was going to hit, and were told to not let the hand qualify so that the jackpot would not be paid. This does not make sense, though, as the BBJ just keeps growing, anyway, and would at some point be hit by somebody else. It is inevitable that it will be won.

      You'll never forget to read the rules after this, will you?
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