Neteller-Mitarbeiterin oder Fake?

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      Hallo habe eben einen anruf von irgend so ner Neteller-Support"mitarbeiterin" bekommen und die wollten halt sicherheitsfrage und emailadresse von mir wissen um mir ne email zuschicken.

      Hier ist mal die mail:

      Ich fand den Absender mehr als fragwürdig: Marie R

      As we discussed here is more information on the net+ virtual card to help you apply.

      “It will take only 3 mins to apply online. Once you download it, you can “We do offer a webclient version which you can access directly from your NETELLER account, simply log in to your account and you will see the “Launch Net+ Virtual Card” on the bottom left hand site of your accounts page. If you do not see it there, simply go to Net+ Card Tab and start the application.

      - Easy and quick to apply for- you can start to use it right away

      - Able to view and click on transaction history- easy to manage purchases

      - Generates a new virtual number for each transaction- Safe and secure. Never have to worry about card# being stolen

      - Offered in a website version (as well as desktop) - For members that travel or not always able to use their home computer

      Kind Regards

      Marie R

      Denkt ihr das ist irgend ein fake oder doch von offizieller stelle?

      Danke im vorraus
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