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Hand History Database for Research (beta)

    • indianaV10
      Dabei seit: 04.01.2008 Beiträge: 3
      Hi all,

      I am a new member around, but this is not a spam, not only because we don't sell anything, but also because we plan to come back regularly to this thread, and reply to your questions and requests w.r.t. what we announce.

      We are giving away free, for research purposes, nearly one billion real money poker hand histories, played on some major PokerSites this and last year, plus supporting software to read these. The hands are obfuscated, so they cannot be used for opponent profiling.

      See: http://pokerftp.com

      As the requirements to get even the obfuscated (full) database are pretty tight (we give it to published poker authors only), we in addition released the software, plus sample database on the website for everyone. So you will have the possibility to build examples, test them with a sample database, and finally submit these examples to us. Upon short approval, we will execute these examples against the full database, and e-mail you back the results.

      And finally, you can ask whatever kind of theoretical, poker statistical or poker strategy problem you want to have sorted out related to the huge database that we assembled. In these cases, there will most certainly be a volunteer that will code an example and execute it against the database, and then post the results for you. And we're going to look into this thread and do that as well.

      Kind regards
      Indiana && PeppaPig
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