SH-Book: Ryan Fee's 6 Max NL Strategy Guide

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      Was haltet ihr von seinem E-Book? Und was sagt ihr zu seiner Spielweise mit einem Paar?

      Turn play

      I want to preface this section by saying that I think the turn is the most misplayed street in all of online 6m, (uNL-MSNL, dunno about HSNL) too often people are only thinking as far as the flop which leads to huge leaks on the turn and river and will often lead to sticky spots and will consistently give away money.

      One pair

      You have AA or AQ on QT5hh or rainbow (fwiw it changes when you have AA because he is more likely to have the queen), but you are always Zetting the turn in this situation for value. People love to call and will love to float flops. Just keep betting to discourage him from floating and make him make a marginal decision with a weaker pair or a draw. The only situation where you c/c the turn is against a TAG type of player that you think will fold to a decent amount of double barrels but will bluff if checked to. In this situation it is ok to c/c the turn but it absolutely cannot be your default as it is very exploitable and like I described earlier, it gives away your hand strength and the initiative OOP, something that is not very fun.
      Do this rarely until you become very confident it your game, as a default you should always be double barreling the turn with any pair, so for example we have JJ or AT on the same board, for sure bet the turn/ Our opponent could definitely have a worse pair, hearts , or air and we simply cannot check and give up on the hand. Also, since our range is so strong
      (because we cbet only the top part of our range OOP on the flop) these will be the toughest hands to play on the turn and river, and try not to make a mistake these are a b/f on the turn and a c/f on the river given some read (like that my opponent turns missed draws into bluffs on the river).
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