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Best room for multi-tabling

    • elfanor
      Dabei seit: 15.05.2007 Beiträge: 391
      Hi everyone,

      Sorry for writing this in english, but Im actually looking for tips from regular good players/high stakers, and as we all know the german community alone is bigger than the rest of pokerstrategy put together.

      Thats why Im fishing for information over here ^_^


      Im going pro very soon and Id like some advice to take the best room considering my abilities/affinities.

      Im playing Cash Game NL50-NL100 Full Ring Big Stack.
      Multi-tabling between 5 and 9 tables.
      Playing about 50h/week.
      BB/100 : ~11.

      Im playing on PokerStars, right now clearing the 1000$ bonus on bwin and so far I believe the best room for the bonus return is still PokerStars. (I was already a member of Fulltilt so no rakeback for me).

      Cake seems interesting with the %33 rakeback but I still believe the bonuses at Stars beat that when u play a lot.

      Any tip is welcome from players who are actually making a living of poker ^)^

      Thank you

      Any advice ?
  • 2 Antworten
    • Skydive
      Dabei seit: 02.05.2006 Beiträge: 2.929
      hi elfanor!

      I think Pokerstars would still be the best choice.
      U wrote that u play full ring and i think at cake u dont got enough full ring tables around the clock. So when u wanna play there u should have another pokersite where u can play simultanious when cake does not have enough tables.
      u also said that u play very much so it should be possible for you to get supernova and some milestones and this will most likely beat the cake rakeback together with the higher amount of players pokerstars will be the way to go in my eyes
    • elfanor
      Dabei seit: 15.05.2007 Beiträge: 391
      Thanks for the input mate :)