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Englisch ins Deutsche übersetzten

    • eppmor
      Dabei seit: 24.06.2007 Beiträge: 504
      Hi, leider ist mein Englisch nicht so besonders, kann mir jemand hierbei helfen und übersetzen:

      Webb told ABC News last weekend he favors Obama's plan to use tribunals rather than federal courts, arguing that it will be difficult to win convictions there for individuals captured in battle without search warrants or notification of their rights. Among those held at Guantanamo are five men accused of helping to plan the 9/11 attacks.

      Obama has proposed due-process reforms for the tribunals, although initial details suggest they will be limited. Detainees were previously required to be represented by military attorneys appointed by the Pentagon. Prisoners would have some choice of counsel under new rules, although they would still be restricted to lawyers assigned to the Pentagon's office of military defense. Obama wants restrictions but not a ban on use of hearsay evidence at trial. He would prohibit the use of evidence obtained by brutal interrogation measures.

      U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott acknowledges that the normal rules governing American courtrooms must be modified for at least some of the Guantanamo prisoners. He believes any new tribunal process must be guided by transparent rules establishing the burden of proof required of the prosecution and preserving basic rights of self-defense. But he said it will be impossible to impose a total ban on hearsay evidence in cases involving international terrorism.

      Was ist der Unterschied zwischen tribunals und federal courts?
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