5 Reasons NOT to use pokerstrategy.cc

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      Sooo ich fang mal von vorne an: Eben heimgekommen -> Mails gecheckt Mail von der MYM Community (pro-esports-clan "meet your maker" koreaner chinesen die ganze palette... wc3...)
      You have received a new mail on the MYM page! Sender : Army Subject : 5 reasons NOT to use pokerstrategy.cc
      Ganz verdutzt geh ich drauf... war Monate nicht mehr auf mym.com und hab gedacht pokerstrategy.cc das kennst du doch iiiiiirgendwohe :-/
      5 reasons whys you should NOT use the biggest poker school in the world 1. It could be that you become a good poker player and you stop playing your favored esports game. 2. It could be that you don't believe that our membership is for free and without any financial obligations. 3. It could be that you don't want to invest own money, in that case check out the next point. 4. It could be that you think our starting capital of $150 for free is a trick. 5. It could be that you now think that this all sounds too good to be true - read on and see why this all is possible. Check out our website in case these 5 reasons don't apply to you: http://www.pokerstrategy.cc We can offer anything for free Of course we are not a charity website, we are also interested in earning money. Therefore, we work together with our partner, PartyPoker, one of the biggest online poker sites. PartyPoker pays us to advertise and deliver real money players. And most of that money gets given back to our users. If you need more detailed information about PokerStrategy, just visit our website: http://www.pokerstrategy.cc
      Wie wohl die wenigsten mitbekommen haben, gib es ein ps sponsored wc3 tournament, worüber es doch sooolch eine Empörung in den comments gab... Wenn die PN jeder von der MYM-Community bekommen hat, dann wird es wohl einen nicht unbeachtlichen neuen Mitgliederansturm geben, der wohl einiges zwecks "sinnlos ausgegeben Rake" widerlegen wird...
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