PT3 großes Update ist da !!!

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      Das sind die neuen Features:

      New Site: Pacific

      New Site: MicroGaming

      New Site: Entraction

      Hud on the Replayer

      Hud: New stat options: Position, Transparent background (stats only, not groups), percent makeup

      Hud: Multiple Hud profile support

      TableTracker: Scoring functionality

      TableTracker: Advanced Filtering

      Selective Export

      Details tab

      Sessions tab -> Sessions - Details panel (BB/100 by time and day of week, Standard Deviation)

      New Graph: Expected Value - All-In Performance

      Replayer: Win percentages

      Import: Automatic blind detection adjusts for all-in or missing SB/BB

      Import: OnGame tournament summary information

      Import: Switching from HU to 6 max with AQTL

      Import: Added more Everest shorthanded tables

      Hud: Lockup detection and correction

      Hud: You can now set several popup windows to a single table group

      Hud: Added informative messages to guide users

      Hud: Placed minimum value on translucency so stats cannot be set totally invisible

      Hud: Performance improvements

      TableTracker: Rows prefill before attempting to retrieve data

      TableTracker: Removed PokerRoom option from sites

      TableTracker: Trial now by number of searches rather than by time

      Reports: The header of sorted columns in reports are bolded to help distinguish

      PostgreSQL: Default service password changed to be compliant with strict Windows password policies

      Changed "Yes/No" buttons to "Replace/Add" in the filter savings dialog

      Saving multiple tournaments at once now prompts you to overwrite all fields, or only those that have changed

      Improved custom stat expression validation
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