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      Holla, hab en problem.

      Und zwar hab ich 100$ bei Neteller eingecasht, und jetzt haben die den Account geschlossen, bis ich die Phone Number Confirmed hab. Mein Home Telefon is broken, und ich benutze nur noch mein (Arbeits-)Handy.

      Ich gebe meine Nummer rein aus Prinzip nicht weiter im Internet, obwohl obv klar is das die nix damit machen, aber ich bin halt soen mimimi-nerd un bin new to the internetz.

      Hier der chatlog, hat irgendjemand ne idee, wie ich meine 100$ wieder kriege?

      Annabelle: Hi, my name is Annabelle. How may I help you?
      xxx: Hi, my account was closed, and i dont know why.
      xxx: Hello?
      Annabelle: Before we continue, could you please confirm the telephone number that is registered on your NETELLER account?
      xxx: Its broken at the moment, and i dont want to call with my second mobile phone
      xxx: Is this a problem?
      Annabelle: I just need to confirm it please
      xxx: I think it was xxx
      xxx: german number, +49
      Annabelle: Thank you.
      Annabelle: To reopen your account we require a phone confirmation. An agent will call you within an hour. Could you please confirm the number we can reach you at?
      xxx: Its broken and i wont buy a new ne, i just use my mobile phone number and wont give it away on the internet. is this a problem? cant this be fixed different?
      Annabelle: Unfortunately, we need a phone confirmation to reopen your account.
      xxx: I wont give my number away. So my money gone? I could confirm any other dates but not my number.
      Annabelle: As I stated before, we need a phone confirmation to reopen your account.
      xxx: So my money is gone, and i dont know why.
      Annabelle: Your money is not gone. It is on your account, we just need a telephone confirmation to reopen it
      xxx: I wont give my number away, sorry. So it wont reopen.
      Annabelle: Ok. I noticed that you have made your very first deposit in your account and when this happens the system closes your account to avoid any risk of possible fraud in it. NETELLER requires a telephone call with you to verify your identity. We do this to protect you from identity theft and fraud. I would like to arrange your telephone call for you now; in order to complete it we will need to call you at the number you registered on your NETELLER account when you signed up.
      xxx: I can understand u wont to protect me/my money, we could confirm any other things like email or ill send u a copy of anything u want. if theres no other way, thank you
      Annabelle: Unfortunately, this is the only way is to complete a phone confirmation
      xxx: i wont buy a phone which number i wuld give away to get my 100$, but i dont understand why there is no other way, and i want my moeny back. no other way? thank you.
      Annabelle: Okay. Unfortunately, we need a phone confirmation. I can go ahead and send an email to refunds@neteller.com and they will be the one to decide if they will reverse the credit card right away of request documents.
      xxx: thank you fr nice support, by the way. so they will refund it? that would be great
      Annabelle: For security reasons, we do require voice confirmation before we close an account. When is the best time for us to reach you on the number in your account? Alternatively, you can call us at xxxxx at your convenience.
      Annabelle: I guess you don't a phone call. I will close it right away
      xxx: No way refunding the money?
      Annabelle: I will send an email to refunds@neteller.com . Please wait for them to send you an email
      xxx: So again, thank you for nice support! Bye, TY!
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