Ich kann euch beruhigen :D

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      Es gibt DOCH KEINEN UNTERSCHIED bei den 100/200$ zu den 2c/4c tables...


      CatholicVega: i am alwasy in the bb and everybody folds to me when I have aa
      Dealer: Game #3928473265: FUTURE102 wins pot ($250)
      p0ck3tp3ar: trip what the hell are you doing cold calling with QT os?
      Dealer: KDubsFoSho has two pair, Jacks and Deuces
      Dealer: tripledouble has two pair, Eights and Deuces
      Dealer: Game #3928476894: KDubsFoSho wins pot ($1798) with two pair, Jacks and Deuces
      Dealer: Game #3928485363: p0ck3tp3ar wins pot ($648)
      Dealer: p0ck3tp3ar has a pair of Fives
      Dealer: FUTURE102 has a pair of Kings
      Dealer: Game #3928489223: FUTURE102 wins pot ($1798) with a pair of Kings
      tripledouble: sure, we can go back through the hand histories and see the crap you've playedtripledouble: J5o
      tripledouble: T9o
      tripledouble: 78o
      p0ck3tp3ar: so what? better then cold calling like a huge fish
      tripledouble: that was some good playing j5o by you
      tripledouble: stellar
      p0ck3tp3ar: u obviously dont know anything about the math of poker
      tripledouble: must be tough to only hit 90% of your hands

      Dealer: KDubsFoSho, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to act
      p0ck3tp3ar: u mean like u?
      tripledouble: yet give away all your winnings on complete dog****
      Dealer: Game #3928493662: CatholicVega wins pot ($648)
      p0ck3tp3ar: you hit all the time and lose it by overplaying
      p0ck3tp3ar: got busted many times, i dont cry like u
      Administrator: $3.30+Rebuys tourney with $10,000 guaranteed award pool starts in 15 minutes. To register see T19225025 under the Tourney/Regular/All tab.
      p0ck3tp3ar: or make atrocious calls with QT vs an early position raise
      tripledouble: early position
      tripledouble: we're 5way
      p0ck3tp3ar: no elite player would ever make that play
      tripledouble: seems to be everyone is early
      p0ck3tp3ar: yeah u dont understand position, thats why u call in the bb with any suited hand no matter what if it will be hu

      irgendwie lustig, dass die "Super-Pros" sich streiten wie kleine Kinder :D
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