Hallo Ich habe folgendes Programm gefunden und wollte mal fragen, ob jemand Erfahrungen damit gemacht hat. Poker Pro³ provides realtime odds, analysis and recommendations as you play. The software automatically captures your cards, position, betting activity, pot size, and the number of players at the table and in the pot. When Combined, all these parameters will help you make a well-informed decision for every hand. Poker Pro³ will extend your ability to analyze various attributes of the game and will improve your online play when playing multiple tables or just learning how to play. Poker Pro³ will enable you to play well, with over 15,000 possible customizable combinations built into Poker Pro³, you cannot go wrong! Are you ready to be a Poker Pro? The Poker Pro³ advantage: · Poker Pro³ Advis: Poker Pro3 advises when to raise, bet, check or fold. It also makes recommendations on when to bluff, slow play and check–raise. You get pot odds and statistics all in real-time as you play. · Poker Pro³ Flexible: Poker Pro³ flexible architecture allows you to modify or install custom profiles specific to your needs. This will give you the option of sharing profiles with others and give more advanced players the ability to customize and fine tune their profiles. · Poker Pro³ Winner: Poker Pro3 can help you consistently win on Party Poker and you can be winning in less than 5 minutes. If you are playing multiple tables, you will see a substantial increase in your win rate. Software Features: · Automatically captures cards during real-time play · Makes recommendations based on your hand, position, pot status and more · Tracks your position, how many players are in the pot · Makes recommendations based on how many opponents are in the pot · Tracks playing styles of other players at the table · Adjusts the recommendations to your style of play · Shows real-time odds and statistics · Makes bluffing, check-raising and slowplaying recommendations Die Beschreibung ist natürlich extrem übertrieben mit dem gewinnen nach 5 Minuten usw. Ich will halt nur ein Programm, dass mir Infos anzeigt realtime und andere Spieler an meinem Tisch tracked. Also schreibt mal,wenn ihr Erfahrungen gemacht habt:)