Fehler beim AutoImport & Hud

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      Aus den FAQ von PT:

      2008/08/15 15:06:40: Full Tilt: Unable to import hand (#7651813545). Reason: Unable to execute query: COPY holdem_hand_player_statistics FROM STDIN;; Reason: Fatal Error (ERROR: index "hhps:idx5-id_session" contains unexpected zero page at block 0 HINT: Please REINDEX it. CONTEXT: COPY holdem_hand_player_statistics, line 1: "70112 696 696 0 2 8819 2008/08/15 04:05:59 8 f f 0 f 0 f f f f f 0 f 0 t f f t f 0 f 0 t f t t f 0 f..." )

      There are two main reasons for this kind of error. The first is a result of data corruption from a computer crash that requires reindexing your database. You can reindex your database from the PostgreSQL command prompt. Click Start --> Programs --> PostgreSQL --> Command prompt. At the prompt that appears, type “reindexdb -a” and hit enter. Be aware that if you have large databases this may take a while, so be patient and wait for it to finish. (If the re-index doesn't work because you are not logged in as user 'postgres' enter: "reindexdb -U postgres -a").

      The second reason for this error is a result of faulty hardware. You can set PostgreSQL to ignore these errors by clicking Start --> Programs --> PostgreSQL --> Configuration Files --> Edit postgresql.conf. In the configuration file that appears, go to the bottom of the file and add the text “zero_damaged_pages = on” on a new line and then save and close the file. Click Start --> Programs --> PostgreSQL --> Reload Configuration and PostgreSQL will ignore the damaged data. If you continue to have problems with that hard drive, you should consider replacing it.