Party EzCASH version 3 released

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      Party EzCASH version 3 has been released. :s_cool:

      New features include -

      Table stacker - one main stack and three 'big hand' slots or three main stacks. Tables automatically move in and out of the stacks automatically if you are on the waitlist or bust from a SNG etc. In cash games they go to the end slot when you sit out to keep the stacks tidy. The urgent table highlights and there are hotkeys to scroll through the stacks etc. Automatic cursor movement is optional.

      Multi-purpose street bet hotkey - advance check/fold if the action isn't on you - street bet key when it's your turn and double click options for all-in, rebuy and others.

      A frame option for the most urgent table was added to the three color stage highlighter.

      Mixed buyin - buy in to different games - Holdem, Omaha, Limit and different levels for any amount - eg, you could buy in to 50NL with a full stack and with auto-rebuy to max ticked while at the same time buying into 200nl for 20BB - applies to all game types.

      A second scroll option so that you can go up in BB's and down in SB's.

      More auto window moving including the new Replayer.

      Code verify and notes handling - toggles the cursor to and from the window and keeps it active for easy typing.

      Auto close SNG's after busting options are - straight away, or after 10, 30, or 60 seconds in case you want to study Hand History of busting X(

      Configurable bet rounding
      Lots of other bits and pieces.

      There are new free table and card mods on the site and they have all been put into self extracting installers so that you can run them again after Party updates.

      There is a free trial that works on two Real Money tables or any amount of Play Money tables.

      You can also get Party EzCASH and any SpadeIT Software as a package.

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