W$ at Pokerstars for sale

    • Suprys
      Dabei seit: 01.01.2009 Beiträge: 516
      Hello German Community!

      First of all, I'm from poland and i don't know German very well, so i decided to write the post in English to make life more simple for me and for you.

      I have 874,2 W$ on Pokerstars which i would like to sell. These W$ are special $ which can be used to buy into special tournaments, including WCOOP.


      Why would you like to buy into the tournament using my $?

      -because i sell them a little cheaper than their exact value!

      How much do I want for them?

      -i'm open for your offers!

      you're afraid of getting scammed?

      -don't worry, pokerstars has a built-in interface to trade those special $ for money between users.

      I'll be waiting for your replys here or you can contact me by mail: Jakub.supronik@gmail.com
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