Wanted: Tool for showing mucked hands on FullTilt

    • WPTRay
      Dabei seit: 05.06.2008 Beiträge: 2.863

      First off all, sorry to write this in English!

      Is there a simple tool available which can show the mucked hands as in a HUD on Full Tilt?

      I was used to use RealTime HUD for this but after the FT update it doesn't work there anymore.

      I don't need any stats, so I don't buy any tracking program.

      Maybe someone has already build such a tool which can extract the mucked hands directly from the Handhistory and display them on the screen?
      (I'm also too lazy to call up the Handhistory after every single hand in HU matches :p)

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    • zweiblum88
      Dabei seit: 09.05.2006 Beiträge: 2.397

      in general it should not be difficult to scan the handhistory folders and show the cards somehow on the table (with ahk script or whatever). But using one of the available tracker tools is wwwayy more easy, you can use it without showing stats on your table. Maybe you want to try the Pokerstrategy Elefant, which is free for download for ps.com members if they have enough SP (trial is also free afaik).

      If you don't have the points yet, you may want to download pokertracker (60 day trial) or hold em manager (14 days trial) and play and collect enough strategypoints to download the full version of the Elefant.
    • WPTRay
      Dabei seit: 05.06.2008 Beiträge: 2.863

      thx for the reaction.
      Yes it should be possible to use such a program, but I don't have enough points, and paying for a program for only to use this function...

      Besides that, I was hoping for a very simple script (program) for this.

      Never mind, I will look further then..

      Maybe PAHUD, but also for that I have to pay :P