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Blom90, the short story

    • 8412king
      Dabei seit: 27.03.2008 Beiträge: 1.555
      Ich weiss nicht als diese forum ist the rechte zum posten

      m0ench wanted tranlated texts from the swedish community about Blom90 and here is my post in the forum

      Tranlsation maybe not the best due to the use of google translator.

      About Blom90

      I know who Blom is, but not if Isildur1=Blom90. We come from the same small town in Sweden. I do not know him directly, but through my friends. I played football with his older brother, and remember that he said on the football practice "check out my little brother, see how bad he is" (in football). The group of friends that Viktor (Blom90) belongs to, do a mass of sick betting and I think a few have become broke from time to time. The villages we come from, there are unsually many people do crazy bettings and particularly on horses.

      I remember once when I told on a football practice how much money I made out of poker and people got big eyes. So perhaps it is me who caused Blom start playing :)

      In the beginning did the two brothers shared an account that they played for and they got together a great start-up capital by winning a tournament (may have been a freeroll), I met briefly the older brother Sebastian some weeks ago and we had no time discuss Viktor, but I was told that he himself was now a professional live-player and played preferably PLO at all possible levels.

      What has been said about Victor is that he will be totally unafraid of losing the entire bankroll. However, he has been putting away money for savings and bought a nice apartment in Gothenburg. Viktor like all the strange rumors that is spread, which he perhaps started himself. So you shall be cautious about what is said about him, but he is born 1990.

      I have seen Blom90 in an older video with this high-stakes Sn Gs so they have at least take shot at the higher levels for a longer time. It is the oldest sng video for diamonds in the English section.
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