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The Truth about the SSS

    • gerhardb
      Dabei seit: 14.04.2009 Beiträge: 277
      I am an SSS´ler and i am gay,
      I loose money, every day.

      I dont know much about the game,
      But Im in this Community, and i can flame.

      I run flip, after flip,
      I loose chip, after chip.

      I know the rules, thats enough,
      I play the micros - they are taff.

      I dont think the SSS is a fake,
      cuz I can nearly, beat the Rake.

      Pokerstrategy has us told,
      we should only push or fold.

      When we hit - then we run,
      -dann kommt ein neuer table drann.

      We wont risk, and are not able,
      to play with more than 25BB on the table

      We are playing in a way,
      that the others leave the table and run away.

      We are playing the SSS,
      we are loosing money, and have stress.

      We have only 20BB in the game,
      SSS´ler - thats our name.

      You get 50$ when you start,
      Playing the SSS, is the loosing part.

      In other words, the SSS is a joke,
      to get back the 50$ and make people broke.

      I am sorry, that I said all these things,
      but BSS´ler are the Kings.

      :D :D :D :D :D
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