ken warrens buch

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    • TheDna
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      Aufpassen: sprich ziemlicher Humbug was er dort an manchen stellen verbreitet, auch schlichtweg falsche Fakten ist also wohl mit vorsicht zu genießen, vielleicht gibts ja aber auch gute stellen im Buch. In Phils H. s Buch sind ja auch einige interessante Stellen. "Be careful when the flop has two or three wheel cards in it [...] it looks like any little card could make someone a wheel and that's probably what will happen." This is the Karmic law of probability - what wheels around probably will. How about this one (really! page 177! I'm not making these up!): "the final size of the pot has to be at least $80 to justify drawing to an inside straight after the flop." OK, I can raise with those inside straight draws to make the final pot size bigger. What limit are we playing again? .. einfach nur wow und sau lustig was er so schreibt btw :D "if you experience a period where it seems like nothing but the low cards are winning the pots, then it is a perfectly legitimate strategy change to start playing low cards." Lol harter Tobak ;( "several Las Vegas poker rooms have asked Warren to skip their tournaments in order to give other players a chance to win as well." Ja nee is klar! "calling with a bottom pair with an Ace kicker is a good semi-bluff." Okai also lustig is das buch allemal!