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      In the last week of January we will release the next version of the client. We are informing you earlier than usual as this release will incorporate some changes which may impact 3rd party software such as Pokertracker.

      Apologies in advance for the long post but we want to make sure you understand what changes will be happening so that you can minimise disruption to your game play.

      The changes which could impact 3rd party products are:

      1) An addition of the total number of seats at the table as well as the number of players in the hand history. So for example:

      "Total number of players : 4" will become "Total number of players : 4/6"

      This has been requested by many players and we hope it will prove useful.

      2) Secondarily, we will be removing the player information pop-up for cash games from the lobby as you now have the option to embed the same information in the lobby. The sections marked red in the screenshot will be removed.

      This means that any software which currently reads from the pop-up, will need to be adapted to read from the embedded information in the right hand side of the lobby.

      We have already contacted some of the major 3rd party tools (such as Pokertracker) but please be aware that we do not work with all 3rd party tools you may be using, neither can we enforce that they update their tools, and these changes could cause some disruption to your tracking software following the release.

      The other improvements which the release will bring (which should not interrupt tracking software) include:

      • Bet slide enhancements (for new table) –
      • Players will have more customisable options and can choose from 3 different types:
      1) Linear (default) – where the mid way point in the slider is the mid point of the player’s table balance.
      2) Midway – Where the pot size is the mid way point in the slider.
      3) Exponential – slider increase rapidly to the table balance of the player.

      • Players can choose to view “Pot Guide Marks” for half pot, pot and 1.5x pot along the slider.

      • The middle 3 bet tabs will be customisable.

      • Players can choose to use the mouse wheel to increase / decrease bet amounts.

      And other improvements include:

      • BBJ Popups have been limited to one.

      • Tournaments that are in ‘Late Registration’ state will be shown as such in the status column on Lobby (filters will still be set as running or registering).

      • Stacking – We have taken your comments on board and some of the improvements will come in the next release. We will continue to modify and develop the stacking feature, based on your feedback, over the coming months. You can post any comments specific to stacking in the stacking thread

      • Security tokens – We introduced security tokens at the end of last year. Problems with postage over the Christmas period should now be resolved and they are available for purchase in the Store in PartyAccount.

      There are also smaller fixes and improvements which we have made based on your feedback over the past few months. Your feedback helps us improve PartyPoker.com so thank you again and please keep it coming.
      src: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/28/internet-poker/pp-january-release-691670
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