This here's a song about Microgaming, ya'll,
and how they won't lift a finger to help us!

They count their money as the profits roll in.
It ain't so funny for the rest of us when
Another Microgaming site goes bust.
We lost our money, but they lost our trust!
I may sound angry, but that's just because
They won't lift a damn finger for us!
We're watchin' Eurolinx and Tusk go down,
And Microgaming never makes a sound.
Seems to me that they could have stepped up.
Won't lift a finger cuz their thumbs up their butt!

That's right I said it :
They got stinky thumb syndrome!

Now we know Microgaming used to be
The highest standard of integrity.
I may sound crazy but it seems to me
These guys got misplaced priorities!
It's like their ethics were replaced by greed!
They turn a profit while the rest of us bleed?
We're gettin' screwed by folks at Grand Prive
And Microgamings still got nuthin' to say.
Now there's no tellin' who we can trust,
Cuz Microgamings got their thumb up their butt!

Don't say I didn't warn ya'll...
Here we go now!

When trouble comes they just look away.
With players hurtin' they got nothin' to say.
They're sittin' fat, but we're out of luck.
The whole damn situation sucks!
Microgaming, you could have stepped up.
It's time to pull that stinky thumb out yer butt!
You had a golden opportunity
To set new standards for this industry.
But just ignore us and keep countin' cash.
Can't lift a finger when yer thumbs up yer ass!

Microgaming, you should have stepped up.
Can't lift a finger when yer thumbs up yer butt.

We ain't bitter now... We're just tellin' ya like it is.
Whatever happened to doin' the right thing?