"DrPill: isildur will come online now"

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      Katsumastu (Observer): HEllo, durrrr
      Juvenile1 (Observer): wtsup
      DrPill: hey
      Scalo69 (Observer): durr
      Scalo69 (Observer): i think your the greatest
      Katsumastu (Observer): does he read ? :D
      DrPill: are u there durrrr: ya
      201241643 (Observer): hey drpill come to msn
      ironic hipster (Observer): drpill did you name yourself after the song on the req for a dream soundtrack?
      ZacharyHull (Observer): Pill where do you get your coin from!? ;o)
      DrPill: do you wonna play isildur insteed I got other games
      DrPill: or do you wonna play me
      durrrr: lets play

      me_robot (Observer): cmon lets play
      GLAUBBY (Observer): lol he's afraid of isildur
      ZacharyHull (Observer): Come on Frodo!
      Katsumastu (Observer): give me 3600 $ please.
      alexuuus (Observer): nooo tom, isil and u! gonna be legen.... dary !
      tarzanies (Observer): ISILDUR AGAIN
      SergioBosch (Observer): hes not even online
      durrrr: lets play
      PunjabiSher (Observer): DR PILL IS SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      DrPill: sec
      Rakchanok (Observer): where is isil dur now dr phli?
      tball88 (Observer): not sure he is afraid of anything
      tball88 (Observer): durrr is the man
      Scalo69 (Observer): tom dwan is the best
      DanoRose (Observer): durrr is the WOman
      Scalo69 (Observer): !!!
      DanoRose (Observer): D
      ZacharyHull (Observer): Durr is the hobbit!!!
      snowman6911 (Observer): durrrr who are you playing in the 7 games
      DrPill: I got other games
      Rakchanok (Observer): anybody saw isildur1?
      DrPill: isildur will come online now
      henrybloogada (Observer): LOL
      DrPill: wait at the tables durrrr: zzzz
      DrPill: gl
      DanoRose (Observer): lol what a pussy
      durrrr26 (Observer): tom "durrrr" dwan is the best cash game player in the world
      PunjabiSher (Observer): WHAT ISILDUR IS COMING?
      henrybloogada (Observer): its just not a good investment no one has a big edge on durrrr
      durrrr26 (Observer): tom "durrrr" dwan is the best cash game player in the world
      PunjabiSher (Observer): and took the moneyz
      immamakeit (Observer): he is here
      mp5n (Observer): tom what do you think of that quit hitting and quitting you
      ctizzie (Observer): he is at hole
      immamakeit (Observer): lmao
      Dealer: Hand #18297840712
      immamakeit (Observer): here we gooooo
      GLAUBBY (Observer): ohhhhhhhh shi.t!!!
      VodkushM (Observer): 2nd
      immamakeit (Observer): EPIC
      Dealer: durrrr has 15 seconds left to act
      Dealer: Isildur1 wins the pot ($200)
      Dealer: Hand #18297848294
      tarzanies (Observer): EPIS
      snowman6911 (Observer): anyone who is isildur?
      tarzanies (Observer): EPIC
      lov2raise (Observer): WOOO WOOOOHH
      durrrr26 (Observer): cmon durrrr destroy isildur1
      immamakeit (Observer): come on isildur
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