Ich hoffe es gehts klar, dass ich den Text in englisch belasse (habe ihn in einer englischsprachigen Community gepostet).

for the reason that i always got some problems to pick up the best line with an Overpair on wet Flops in 3bet Pots i gonna ask u guys for ur opinion (Whats ur way of planning a hand like that...)

Lets say Villain is unknown an its early in the match. Stacksize is 100BB, limit is 1/2.

Villain OR to 6$ - Hero 3bets to 20$ with KsKd, Villain calls.

Flop (40$): 5h7h8c

1. bet/calling against an unknow is fine i think even if i´m not fist pump
happy to get it in. Whats ur betsize?
2. but lets say Villain calls: Whats ur plan (f.e. betting with the intention of folding/calling) on several turn cards f.e.:

2a.) any 4, 6, 8, 9 that don´t complete a FD (otherwise i think c/f is
2b.) any other heart, on A of heart
2c.) any 5 or 7

3. Lets say Villain calls the Turn and the River is any cards of 2a., 2b., 3b. or
an blank A leaving less then a psb left for a shove?

4. Lets say you got a reason to think Villain is betting nearly everytime you check - what do you think about c/r? Whats ur plan for several turncards (see above) and what size do you choose for a c/r on the flop.

Maybe someone find some time to gives some answers to my questions.