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Elephant Prohibition

    • ZyQux
      Dabei seit: 14.07.2009 Beiträge: 2

      Elephant is a great tool for poker but don't you think is going to be prohibited in the most popular poker rooms?

      To be more accurate, I would like to mention the Fulltilt poker rules. They state that any tool which extract real time situation in order to suggest a decision for a player is prohibited.

      Maybe The Elephant is already restricted? Please inform me because this my first day of using it and I don't want to have my funds confiscated on Fulltilt poker.

      I heard that there is at least 3 types of these tools: Mathematical, Empirical, Operative. So please answer what type is Elephant and how about Full Tilt?
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    • PS.Markus
      Dabei seit: 12.05.2009 Beiträge: 455

      The PokerStrategy.com Elephant is fully compliant with our partner's terms and conditions and can be used during play.

      The PokerStrategy.com Elephant does not extract real-time information from the game and provides betting recommendations based on these kinds of information.

      The PokerStrategy.com Elephant provides means to manage, analyse and present data from one's personal hand history database.

      This is explicitely approved by FTP's legal information, section "Prohibited Programs", subsections "Currently Allowed for Normal Use" 2. and 3.

      See http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/prohibited_programs.php