Suche gutes Buch zu Limit Holdem !

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    • tab
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      winning tough holdem games von stox
    • Chrisbaer
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      sorry for spamming, aber das hier musste rein. Hab mich totgelacht, als ich folgendendes las:

      A Review of "Winning in Tough Hold'em Games"

      Played in all casinos that cater amateur and advanced poker players, Texas Holdem is a card game that offers fair chance to gamblers. Players' luck is not essential in this poker game but what matters are their skills and attitudes toward it. Texas Holdem assesses the ability of players to make wise decisions under pressure. The depth of gamblers' knowledge about Texas Holdem is tested when they get the chance to play against expert poker players.

      Players can choose from the different variations of Texas Holdem. Some of the variants are risky and some are advantageous than the others. They should be wise in selecting which of these games is suitable for them. The proper selection of Texas Holdem variant to play is a factor that will affect their performance.

      Upon the selection of the game, players should explore the details and ways how to get better odds. Their knowledge about Texas Holdem variants may come from the experiences shared by other players who have tried the games. Poker books are also used to ensure that players will have higher probabilities in some Texas Holdem variations that are hard to play.

      Nick Grudzien and Geoff Herzog write an excellent book about poker strategies that will assist players in Texas Holdem. The book entitled "Winning in Tough Hold'em Games: Short-Handed and High-Stakes Concept and Theory for Limit Hold'em," covers various games that are categorized under Texas Holdem. It is the first book published which tackles complex problems that are usually encountered by players when playing the different kinds of Texas Holdem

      Fold equity, continuation bet and cutoff bets are the essential concepts covered by the authors. Strong made hand, showdown play and river unimproved are also discussed in the book. Grudzien and Herzog unveiled truths behind small and big blind bets and calls in this writing.

      Players who look for books that will help them calculate their odds in the different games can refer to "Winning in Tough Hold'em Games: Short-Handed and High-Stakes Concept and Theory for Limit Hold'em." Almost all of players who have read it guarantee that it will direct new players to the road that will lead them to victory. Players who will get a copy of this book are assured that they will gain a lot of knowledge from it. With the help of "Winning in Tough Hold'em Games: Short-Handed and High-Stakes Concept and Theory for Limit Hold'em," gamblers will be more confident when they have the chance to try some of the tough Holdem games.

      on topic: gute Empfehlung, einfach schlechtes review...
    • churib
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      "weighing the odds" von king yao ist auch noch ganz gut, richtet sich mehr an die fortgeschrittenen anfaenger, waehrend "winning in tough holdem games" sich eher an spielern orientiert, welche viel mit tags zu kaempfen haben...
    • PHCruiser
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      gute Bücher sind:

      - das bereits genannte winning in tough holdem games
      - how good is your limit holdem von byron jacobs
      - limit holdem: winning short-handed strategies von borer, mak, tanenbaum
      - das ebenfalls erwähnte weighing the odds von king yao. wenns dich interessiert, ich biete es gerade günstig im marktplatz an